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5 Things To Know Before Writing A Novel

Writing a novel? This list will help you stay focused, motivated, and organized throughout the writing journey you’re about to embark on...

Writing a novel? Here is a list of 5 things you should know that will help you stay focused, motivated, and organized throughout your writing journey.

1. Deadlines Are Very Important.

A deadline will push you to your limits and keep you writing even when you’re not motivated to write. Establish an estimated total word count (most novels are between 50,000 to 100,000). Create monthly, weekly, and daily goals that will help you stay accountable and meet your deadline. Remember to set attainable goals; if you can only write 500 words per hour, don’t make a 2,000-word count goal for your 2-hour writing sessions.

2. Preparation Is Everything.

If you start writing with no plan it’s going to get difficult and you could come across a little thing we like to call writer’s block. Prepare a basic synopsis (about 2-3 pages long) that hit the main points of your story. Then, create an outline with more details about your structure, plot, scenes, chapters, etc. Having all your research and ideas in one place will help keep your ideas and writing cohesive and organized. Plus if a roadblock arises in your writing you’ll have something you can reference.

3. Your Characters Are Your Friends.

The better you know your characters, the smoother your writing will flow. Give them backstories, hobbies, interests; Get to know your characters as well as you would a friend.

Of course, you don’t have to write every little detail about your character in the actual novel–Just think of this additional writing as vital research for your novel. The more you know about your character outside of the main storyline, the better you’ll know how they’d react in certain scenes and give depth to your story.

4. Make A Schedule.

Schedule your writing sessions during times of the day you know you can write with minimal distraction. Disconnect from the internet (if you can) and the world around you and just focus on your writing.

5. No Editing.

One of the biggest mistakes new writers make is to edit while writing. Make sure the time you are setting aside to write is fully dedicated to just that, not editing. Avoid reading what you just wrote and just keep moving forward. You can make your edits and revisions after your writing session is over.

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