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5 Things Every Writer Needs to Do This Year

Looking to be a more productive writer this year? Here are 5 Things Every Writer Needs to Do This Year to increase their productivity.

A new year has started and you’re more determined than ever to find a writing lifestyle that works for you. You are ready to write a book this year. So, what exactly do you need to have a successful writing year? Here are five things every writer needs to do to be productive this year.

  1. Make a plan.

The best-laid intentions won’t get you anywhere if you don’t devise a plan. To reach your writing goals this year, create a detailed plan of the work you need to accomplish. Then, break that work down into smaller, action-oriented goals. Are you deciding how many chapters to write per month? Or, perhaps you’re honing your revision process. Build your plan out on paper and follow along for the year.

  1. Join a writing group.

Just as you might feel more productive going to the gym with a workout partner, having a writing group can help keep you focused, dedicated to your work, and provide you with a great place to go for inspiration when writer’s block kicks in. The act of writing does not have to be an isolated experience. You can make it as social and engaging as you’d like. If a writing group doesn’t exist near you, start one yourself or join an online writing group.

  1. Focus on self-motivation.

Staying motivated enough to sit down and write on a regular basis might be one of the most challenging aspects of the craft, but self-motivation is the only way you’ll meet your goals. Sticking to a writing schedule and employing a reward system can help motivate you on the days it feels hardest to get any writing done.

  1. Build your social media presence.

The internet is an incredible place for writers to turn, and with the rise of social media, that’s even truer. Now it’s even easier to find like-minded writers who can become friends, beta readers to test your book with, and all the writing inspiration you could possibly need. Start building your social media presence and increase your engagement as soon as you start writing your book. That way, you’ll already have a built-in following of people who are chomping at the bit to read your book when it’s published. Need some help with social media? Follow our Instagram tips to get started.

  1. Find your team.

Don’t wait until you’re done writing your book to find your editor, cover designer, and publishing team. Instead of rushing through the vetting process because you’re excited to get your book published, take time on the front end of your writing project to find partners you work well with and who will support you throughout your publishing journey. Being proactive in this area will really help you have a more productive year.

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Erika Bennett is the Content Manager for Xulon Press. She has worked in the publishing industry for more than a decade and her passion is to make sure great books find their way into readers' hands. You can also find her writing on XulonPress.Substack.com.

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