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Goal Management: Patience + Persistence = Progress

inspiration for writing a bookTaking control of your writing dream means actively making your routine and writing goals a priority in your life. Some say writing is about inspiration, but it’s more practical than that. It’s about actively seeking inspiration while following through with an idea, and manifesting your thoughts into words.

This can be achieved with action and persistence. The mindset you subconsciously (or consciously) have before writing is paramount in your level of enthusiasm. In other words, be confident and focus on your immediate goals, rather than the end result. Writing from a place of doubt, anxiety, or pressure seldom creates a positive result. If the inspiration you so deeply crave doesn’t come to you in waves, seek it out in ripples. Take small daily steps to find it.

Conducting research, for example, is a great way to spot an interest, organize your focus on a particular facet, or find more information on a subject of your interest. This includes using Google, conducting research through interviews, books (or other media) or observing the world around you and being present. In the meantime, it helps to be realistic about the inspiration process; nothing happens overnight and there is no need to be perfect.

Practicing patience while making writing dates with yourself can help take the pressure off instant inspiration, allowing you to hone your craft and routine. You can break sections of your book into smaller sections. Commit to writing a magnetic opening sentence, a non-edited paragraph, or just a page at Monday morning at 7:00 a.m.; then when you’re done, reward yourself for getting closer to your goal! Making small goals for completing your book is less intimidating then focusing on writing an entire book, and empowers you to know you are actively working toward your dream.

Now get writing!


Krystina Murray is a Staff Editor at Xulon Press with over six years of editing experience. When she isn't helping writers improve their manuscripts, she devotes her time to crafting poetry and short stories, maintains an exciting food blog and completes copy writing advertisements for small businesses.

6 Comments on “Goal Management: Patience + Persistence = Progress

  1. Thanks for the push to stay on track for my publishing goals! I vowed I would stay focused and do something every morning and I haven’t! It’s time to make it a priority since I already have a contract in the works!!

    One thing caught me in the article and since this is a publishing company for writers it stuck out to me. In the last paragraph shouldn’t it be “ON” Monday morning at 7:00 rather than at Monday morning??? Now I never did absorb that predicate nominative stuff or whatever rule is stuck in my head that it would be at 7:00 on Monday or on Monday at 7:00 but please let me know what you come up with and if I am right I suggest you fix it for your own credibility sake….if I am wrong please let me know what the rule is because I will get it wrong every time otherwise! Thanks!

    1. Hi Robin. I have forwarded your comment to Benjamin Lively. He is your Publishing Consultant and will be in touch shortly to answer any questions you have. Thanks for checking out our blog!

  2. Hi Krystina,
    Do you help authors to get started with book wrting; choosing a topic and target audience, outlining, etc? Becky

    1. Hi Becky…thanks for reading our blog! It looks like you’ve already signed up for your free publishing guide and that Rene Compton is your Publishing Consultant. I’ve forwarded your message on to her. She will be in touch and be able to answer any questions you have.

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