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Release Your Fiction Book During the Summer to See Higher Sales

Fiction books with summer release dates see higher sales because it’s the time of year when many readers have more free time, and the season naturally lends to leisure and relaxation. But how do you make sure your fiction book is ready to be released a year from now?

In this article, we will go over what books do well with a summer release, how long it takes to write the first draft of a novel, the recommended timeline to follow if you want to release your novel in the summer, and questions to ask yourself now to have your novel ready by next summer.

What Books Do Well With a Summer Release?

Nonfiction books tend to see higher book sales in the fall and winter, but fiction books are better suited for a summer release. Beach reads, general fiction, romance novels, suspense and mystery novels, and young adult fiction are purchased more often during the summer.

The reason these fiction genres do so well when released in the summer is predominantly due to summer travel and leisure activities. Air travel, as well as train and car travel, all increase during the summer months because children are out of school and family vacations take precedence. Parents try to limit screen time and urge their kids to read more. Plus, adults love to escape into a good book and be entertained, too.

How Long Does It Take to Write the First Draft of a Fiction Book?

Some writers can finish a first draft in a matter of weeks, while others take years to complete their manuscript. A good rule of thumb, however, is to give yourself six months to a year to write your first draft. This allows you to take your time and produce a well-crafted manuscript.

Questions to Ask Yourself Now to Have Your Fiction Book Ready in One Year

Here are some questions to ask yourself to make sure you are on track to start writing your book:

  • Do I have a clear idea of what kind of book I want to write?
  • Have I set aside enough time to write and edit my manuscript?
  • Do I have an idea of what I like for cover design and marketing materials?
  • Have I started building my author brand and platform?
  • Am I prepared to invest in professional editing and other services to make my book the best it can be?

Follow This Timeline to Publish Fiction During the Summer

Follow this sample timeline to have your book ready one year from now:

  • 12 months before release: Start writing your first draft.
  • 6 months before release: Revise and self-edit your own work. Then find beta readers to critique your writing.
  • 3 months before release: Hire a professional editor and start working on your book marketing plans and materials.
  • ~ 45 days before release: Work with a cover designer and typesetter to turn your manuscript into a book. Begin building buzz for your book.
  • 1 month before release: Promote your upcoming book on social media by sharing your cover design and other details about your book.
  • Release day: Celebrate! Don’t forget to record yourself unboxing your books and share the video on social media.

For a more detailed timeline that’s tailored to your individual needs, Call 1-866-381-2665 and speak with one of our acquisitions team members.


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