Book Types to Release in Fall and Winter

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Publishing your book at the right time of year helps it have the best impact possible. There are many factors to consider when deciding when to release y...

Why You Should Publish Memoirs, Devotionals, Biblical Commentary Books, and Self-Help Books in the Fall and Winter

Simply put: These book types garner more sales traction in the fall and winter months.

As an author, one goal for your book is for it to have the most impact possible. Publishing your book at the right time of year is one way to achieve this goal. There are many factors to consider when deciding when to release your book. In this article, we’re focusing on why fall and winter are the best seasons to publish certain types of books. Specifically, we’ll be discussing memoirs, devotionals, biblical commentary books, and self-help books.

With the next year’s resolutions already on the horizon, people tend to start gathering new books and materials that lend to their personal growth and their walk with God. If someone wants to increase their knowledge of the Bible in the new year, these readers are typically purchasing biblical commentaries in November and December, so they can get a jump start on diving deeper into the Word of God.

The same is true for devotionals; since these are often tied to the calendar—many are 365-day devotionals or 30-day devotionals—so these are often pre-purchased during November and December so they are readily available for a fresh start on January 1.

Stats on Book Sales for Fall and Winter

First, let’s take a look at some statistics that demonstrate why fall and winter are great seasons for publishing books. Approximately 25% of all book sales for the year take place between November and December, according to data published in January 2023. And 12% of those same sales numbers took place a few days before Christmas. These numbers clearly show that books make great gifts! Readers also tend to spend more time inside during the colder months, and cozying up with a good book is a great cold-weather hobby.

Dates To Keep in Mind to Have Your Book Ready for the Holidays

If you want to have your book released in the winter and available for the holidays, now is the best time to start planning. Here’s a rough timeline to help you get started. (Please note, this is a rough outline, and a Xulon Press acquisitions team member can help you with more specific deadlines.)

  • May: Submit your manuscript for Manuscript Review
  • June: Submit your manuscript for a basic edit, line edit, or developmental edit
  • September: Make final revisions to your manuscript
  • October: Submit a book for production and start pre-marketing your book (cover design and interior layout design)
  • November: Release your book

This timeline will vary some as our book printer gets busier, so beating the rush is always advised. The key to launching your book before the holidays is to start planning early so that you have enough time to get everything done.


Fall and winter are great seasons to publish books, particularly memoirs, devotionals, biblical commentary books, and self-help books. By following a production timeline and submitting your manuscript now, you can ensure that your book is released at the perfect time to have maximum impact.

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