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Spring CleaningWhen I think of springtime, I tend to think of two things: spring cleaning and the overwhelmingly, intoxicating scent of the orange blossoms blooming in the groves around my house. Both signify a fresh start, especially the cleaning out of my closet and donating my unworn clothes. It got me to thinking, are there other areas that need to be spruced up? I find myself very quick to clean, fix and improve physical things in my life, but what about the non-physical things like relationships, my faith and my emotional well-being? Those are even more important than polishing the floors and creating space in my closet, but I don’t think about them when I think about cleaning. Until now…

This month, our editors are focusing on spring-cleaning in the spiritual and emotional sense, and we can’t wait to share our thoughts with you.

Clear Those Cobwebs: Spiritual Spring Cleaning

A Scriptural Mindset Towards Spring Cleaning

Disorder of Worship: An Interview with Xulon Author Drew Fryar

Spring Cleaning: Detoxifying the Heart and Spirit

Our “Ask the Editor” post comes from the Design Department this month:

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover – or Do You?

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