“The Manual For Righteous Living” Wins Two Christian Literary Awards

Where do you turn to for the right relationship with God, when churches fail to point you in the right direction?  Award-winning author Olawunmi Biriyok answers these questions and more in The Manual for Righteous Living (158 pages, $14.99 Paperback), a collection of seven awe-inspiring and expositional chapters.

The Book was awarded outstanding Christian Literary work and Readers’ Choice on 3 November 2012 in Dallas Texas.

Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok
Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok
Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok Xulon Press author Olawunmi Biriyok

The Manual for Righteous Living, published by Xulon Press, is a refreshing game-changing source of strength to transcend the frailties and pitiful arrogance of humans in order to receive the covering, security, endless provision of Abba Father. This empowering inspirational book offers immense insight to all truth seekers. The author’s challenging biblical illustrations and stories of key Biblical figures throughout the book, further expounded in analogous reference to an ordinary manual go to show extraordinary faith and lifestyle of characters of the old and the new era worthy of emulating. Mrs Biriyok introduces the reader to key elements of “the manual for righteousness” such as repentance and salvation, faith, knowledge of the word, abiding in the Word, evangelising, commitment and hope. The instructional approach to the key elements of holiness and godliness provides knowledge beyond what you may gain in your regular church attendance and provokes the quest for knowledge and closeness to God. Whilst it subtly transforms your old ways thereby birthing in you the new creature to God’s glory. A valuable addition to the devotional library for either the new or the experienced Christian.

About the Author, Mrs. Olawunmi Biriyok

Mrs Olawunmi Biriyok, MIoD, FRSA, Principal Solicitor of Biriyok Show Solicitors, London, holds a BSc Degree in International Studies and an LLB Hons (Lon). A Christian Lawyer and Author of inspirational books – her debut book being Walk the Walk and stop just talking the talk. She runs her own Solicitors’ firm with the love and fear of God in England and Wales and in Ghana, West Africa. A good speaker on Christian values, she has shared the Word of God in the UK and Ghana.

Olawunmi is the wife of Casimir Biriyok, and reside in the UK with their children – Naomi, Nufi, Nasara and Zachariah.  She can be reached through her website www.olawunmibiriyok.com.

Find Olawunmi Biriyok’s book The Manual for Righteous Living in the Xulon Press Bookstore.


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Terry’s background includes the roles of Account Executive for Standard Publishing, General Manager for the 3rd largest Christian Store in the USA, and former Executive Pastor. He is currently working on a marketing book and children’s book, both to be published through Xulon Press over the next year.

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  1. Glory to God! I thank all the team at Xulon Press for publishing “The Manual for Righteous Living” and your support. Sincere thanks to the sales person in the name of Peter Lopez. You were my first contact at Xulon Press and I would never forget your encouraging words spoken with conviction … the result … glorifies God.

    God bless you all!

  2. avatar Betty Croffie says:

    Congratulations my dear sister, the God that we serve is an amazing God. We thank God for all that He has done, what He is doing and what He continues do.

    Well done Xulon Press, one of your authors has made you proud …….. You are Blessed

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