How To Get Book Reviews

Obviously we’re here because we know book reviews can equal book sales--People want to know what all the buzz is about! The most effective way to get the...

1️⃣ Find your target audience.

This is the first and most important step. You can put every effort into marketing your book, although you might get some response, it will not be anywhere near successful if you’re not targeting the correct readers. What is or how do you find your target audience you may be wondering? In simple terms, a target audience just means breaking down who you believe your book’s audience is (demographics, location, and interests). For a full breakdown, check out our blog Finding Your Target Audience

2️⃣ Find blogs with readers that fit your target audience.

Now that you know who your audience is you just need to find them. Let them know about your book. Obviously we’re here because we know book reviews can equal book sales–people want to know what all the buzz is about, right? A good way to get these is to find blogs with an audience that fits yours and pitch them your book. Try looking for microbloggers first as they’re more likely to be easier to get in touch with and actively looking for work to review. Plus, sometimes the smaller bloggers have the most dedicated following!

Additionally, before you get too ahead of yourself make sure to check that they’re interested first. Tell them about your book (maybe send them a few chapters?) and your audience and see if the blogger thinks it would be a good match with theirs. Consider sending them a free copy of your book in return for a review. 

3️⃣ Ask followers to share their experience & re-share. 

The easiest way to get book reviews is to ask those around you! Ask your social media followers to write a post about their experience with your book and then share those posts on your own social media. Share it on your story as well as your page and ask your family, friends, and colleagues to share your posts. Don’t forget to ask them to participate in sharing their experience with the book as well.

5️⃣ Is your book listed on Amazon?

Reach out to your book buyers and request for them to leave reviews on your book. If you have an Amazon account you’re in luck. They make it super easy to send an email right to their inbox requesting a review. Once they have shared a review, screenshot, and share, share share! And of course, tell your friends and family to share your post about the reviews. This encourages other readers to leave their thoughts on it too!

6️⃣ Build a mailing list

It’s easier and more cost-efficient to acquire emails rather than addresses. For this reason, try to request an email every time there is a purchase of your book. Build an email list and create weekly newsletters with fun content to pull readers in, once you have their attention remind them to leave a review!

7️⃣ Try a NetGalley Review Campaign

Let our staff add your book to NetGalley where thousands of reviewers, influencers, and decision-makers in the publishing industry have the ability to request a digital copy. Reviewers are encouraged to post their reviews to other important sites including Amazon, Goodreads, and to their own personal websites or blogs. Call our Marketing Specialist directly at 844-494-4944 if interested.

Have any helpful tips we didn’t mention? Share in the comments below! 👇

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