Writing Inspo: Things To Do Instead Of Quitting

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Need some writing inspo? Thinking about quitting writing recently? Here are other things you can do instead: 1. Write sideways instead of forward: work o...

“The best way out is always through.” —Robert Frost

I think it’s safe to say we’ve all had moments when we want to give up on a writing project or quit writing altogether. If you’re in need of some writing inspo, or you’ve been thinking about quitting recently, here are other things you can try instead:

Consider your purpose for writing.

Why did you want to write in the first place? How does your writing help you? How does it change you? In what ways do you hope it will help or inspire others?

Consider your book’s purpose.

What were you trying to achieve with this book?

Rethink the structure.

Reading stories that have sold well can teach you how to tell a better story. Look at examples of books or stories in your genre that are doing well and take note of the structure. Is there anything you can borrow from it to make your project work even better?

Switch up the point of view.

Have you thought about starting over from another character’s point of view? Writing from another character’s point of view might help you find a way forward.

Write sideways instead of forward.

Instead of pushing yourself to write forward on your project, work on backstory, expand a setting or section of your book, or see if doing more research sparks inspiration.

Practice writing with no purpose.

When was the last time you wrote just for fun? Involve writing in your everyday life, and not just to advance your next writing project. Keep a journal and don’t assign a purpose to it. Write ideas, notes, and questions about your story. Use it to list anything you’re curious about, what you’re grateful for, what makes you laugh, etc. Just write.

Start a new writing project.

Pause working on the current project that’s frustrating you and write something new. Diving into a new project can spark energy for writing again.

Take a real break.

Sometimes “I want to quit” is really “I’m so tired.” What you need is a break. But watching Netflix and scrolling on social media won’t help—it’ll actually just end up making you feel more tired. What makes you feel refreshed? Try walking in nature, listening to music, cooking with a new recipe, making/viewing art, etc.

Ask for help.

A critique group or editor could help figure out how to solve your book’s problems. Consider our professional editing services for help on your next manuscript.


Have any tips of your own? Comment them below!

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