How to Stick to Your New Year’s Writing Goals

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New Year, new book! Here are five ways to set and stick to your New Year's writing goals: 1/ Find the optimal writing space. It doesn’t have to be fancy...

New Year, new book! If you’re an aspiring author determined to publish in 2023 or a writer just wanting to increase their productivity, this list of tips is for you. Here are 5 ways to set and stick to New Year’s writing goals:

1. Create an action plan.

Just writing down a list of goals isn’t enough this year. Take time to create an action plan for every goal you want to achieve. Be honest with yourself and make sure it’s a realistic action plan that you can stick to. The action plan should include quantifiable milestones, like hitting a specific word count by a certain date, a timeline to have a publishing deal signed, and a book launch plan set up.

2. Find the optimal writing space.

Time, energy, and a good writing space are all we really need to be able to focus and be productive. A dedicated writing space signals your brain that it’s time to write every time you’re in that space. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be a space with little distractions that allows you to emerge yourself in your writing.

3. Read, read, read.

The best writers are readers! Staying on top of the new books in the market will also help you stay aware of the trends within your genre so you can keep them in mind as you’re planning your upcoming book. Not to mention, a lot of times reading a good book will give a much-needed inspiration boost to our current writing project. You want your readers to have that feeling you get when you finish reading a good story.

4. Celebrate your progress and accomplishments.

Achieving your writing goals takes a lot of work and every milestone should be celebrated! Consider incorporating a reward system into your action plan as an added layer of motivation and encouragement.

5. Reevaluate and set new writing goals.

Goal setting should not be a rare one-time task you do at the start of the year. Writing success requires constant reevaluation, especially because success can have a different meaning to you throughout the year. You could try doing these check-ins quarterly. Look at the writing goals that have been achieved so far and reflect on what your next steps should be. Are you on track to achieve your larger goal? Has that goal changed? Have you made progress faster or slower than expected? Are there steps you should add or eliminate in your action plan? There are a variety of questions to consider, so don’t hesitate to make changes as your writing skills grow and evolve throughout the year.


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