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special classJust like a graduating class, many writers in 2014 made the decision to move forward with having their book published for others to read and enjoy. This unique group ranges from those who just have a raw book idea they need help developing to those who have finished writing and editing. I want you to join this group!

I love hearing people’s stories. How they’ve had their book dreams for awhile but just didn’t know what to do. Nothing compares to hearing them share how their book idea was birthed inside of them in prayer or through a series of events.

The most exciting thing to me is the thought of these new authors releasing what God has put on their heart for others to receive. Like balloons being released into the sky, I can see these new books traveling from the writer’s heart to the reader’s soul. I pray if you have a book idea, an idea that God has placed within your heart, that this be the year you release it for whomever is waiting to catch it.

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Donald Newman, Director of Sales for Xulon Press, has over 20 years experience working with Christian authors and editors. As a Pastor for that same time, Don truly believes that every Christian book has the ability to minister to each one who reads it. "You just never know what a book can do. One book can change thousands of lives and other times we see where one book can change one life that changes thousands of lives. Just look at the many books that have touched more than one generation. Nothing has the ability of touching many generations for God like a well written Christian book." Don leads and manages the sales team at Xulon with this one thought in mind..."Books change lives everyday". At Xulon Press we are in the business of changing lives, one book at a time.

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