Xulon Press author Dorian M. Watson Book Signing
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Xulon Press Author Dorian M. Watson’s Book Signing

“Hello Xulon Team! Here are just a few pics from the recent book signing. It went well, the store was very accommodating and it was overall a great first experience. I will be going back for Christmas, along with signings confirmed at Barnes & Noble and Family Stores in San Antonio and two local stores in my area.”

Dorian M. Watson, author of “Let’s Talk it Out”

Let’s Talk It Out
Pure Practical Motivation for Life and Relationships

Dear Reader,

Intimate relationships and close knit circles that thrive and are successful, come by wisdom, knowledge and understanding. All it takes is one step or shift in a different direction to open up endless possibilities. Let’s Talk It Out is a daily accessory and compass that will lead you to success in your relationships, family life and walk with God.

Failure is not your allotment in life. The defining moment when you cease wallowing, and courageously rise up and take action for the overall betterment of your family, spiritual life and peace of mind is now. Fulfilling your dreams and innermost desires involves planning, a precise focus and consistent use of the right tools.

Author Dorian M. Watson is an open book as she shares her heart, her brokenness and how she beat the odds. Her insight is unique yet compatible with various issues of the heart. She provides you with the tools needed to navigate through relational mazes and personal setbacks and disappointments.

Stagnation, a fragmented soul, a stony heart and lifeless dreams can be a thing of the past. Healing is in your present and there’s a great expectation for your future. Whether you’re young, seasoned, educated, unlearned, male or female, everyone needs practical motivation. So, let’s talk it out!

Find Dorian M. Watson’s book “Let’s Talk It Out” on the Xulon Press Bookstore.

Xulon Press author Dorian M. Watson

Dorian M. Watson is the Founder of Pure Motivation & Sound/PureMS, an organization that incites others to wholesome action through various artistic means with no ulterior motives. She thrives on motivating others to press into God’s best through her writing, music and speaking events. Dorian serves as a minister and Bible teacher in the Church, and is currently completing her B.S. Degree in Biblical Studies and Christian Counseling. She is the mother of two and resides in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit www.dorianwatson.com.


Terry’s background includes the roles of Account Executive for Standard Publishing, General Manager for the 3rd largest Christian Store in the USA, and former Executive Pastor. He is currently working on a marketing book and children’s book, both to be published through Xulon Press over the next year.

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