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Author Inspirations: Playing with Prompts

Xulon Press Author InspirationsWriting prompts are engineered to act as a tool to get you writing. They can extend themselves to any genre of writing that can help you, the writer, get your ideas on paper. You can use these prompts in a poem, for your journal, or even in a work of fiction. In keeping with the theme of poetry for national poetry month, use the following prompts below to help you funnel your way through writer’s block, or use these prompts as a little fun exercise to help you express your ideas.

  • Write a page of a journal entry. Take notice of any five words that either repeat, or stand out. Use these five words in a poem. If you’re having trouble selecting five words, close your eyes and pick five words that your finger lands on.
  • Write a haiku. A haiku is a Japanese poem that consists of a five-seven-five pattern. An example of a haiku comes from the poet Natsume Soseki of Japan:

Over the wintry
forest, winds howl in  rage
with no leaves to blow

  • Take a photo and write a poem describing the aesthetics of the picture. Are there any people in this shot? Include them in your poem and give them a story. Write about an inanimate object that appears in the poem and give it a story in poem form as well.
  • Write on topics based on seasons and holidays coupled with memories you have. Does one idea come to mind when you think of spring? A color, object or sensation? Explore this in a poem.

In any of these prompts, play with alliteration, free verse or other forms of poems you are comfortable with. Come up with your own prompts by allowing yourself the creative free range to gain inspiration from any source around you. The key is to practice writing your poems to stay active and brainstorm. Remember that the creative process should be both fun and productive!


Krystina Murray is a Staff Editor at Xulon Press with over six years of editing experience. When she isn't helping writers improve their manuscripts, she devotes her time to crafting poetry and short stories, maintains an exciting food blog and completes copy writing advertisements for small businesses.

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