Ed Harrell, Veteran’s Day
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Ed Harrell, survivor of the worst Naval disaster in US History, gives his testimony during Veteran’s Day event

Mr. Edgar Harrell, retired Cpl., US Marine Corps, and a Survivor of the USS Indianapolis spoke at the Brown County High School Veterans Day Program about the incident of the sinking of the ship and the heroic ordeal of the surviving crew members.

Edgar Harrell is the subject of the Xulon Press book Out of the Depths – A Survivor’s Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, written by his son David Harrell.  Like so many stories surrounding World War II where fact is stranger than fiction, Out of the Depths is a terrifying firsthand account of the sinking of the USS and the Navy cover-up that led to the bizarre court-martial and eventual exoneration of its captain. Marine survivor Edgar Harrell vividly describes the horrors of being plagued by sharks, hypothermia, severe dehydration and salt-water hallucinations, and the crew’s heart wrenching struggle to survive the greatest catastrophe at sea in the history of the U.S. Navy – A truly riveting story of survival, political intrigue and faith in the providence of God.

Ed Harrell, USS Indianapolis Survivor, Veterans Day

Find the book Out of the Depths – A Survivor’s Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis in the Xulon Press Bookstore.

To learn more about the events surrounding the USS Indianapolis, please visit Edgar Harrell’s website at www.indysurvivor.com or www.ussindianapolis.org, a site dedicated to telling the incredible story of the USS Indianapolis, its contribution to American history, and the ordeal of the 316 men who survived.


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5 Comments on “Ed Harrell, survivor of the worst Naval disaster in US History, gives his testimony during Veteran’s Day event

  1. The worst Naval disaster (AT SEA) in the history of the US Navy was the sinking of the USS Indianapolis July 30th 1945. Only 316 of the crew of 1196 survived the 4-1/2 days swimming with the sharks.

    I do about 25 venues each year since my book came out in 2005, having been in 27 states.

    Semper Fi

    Ed Harrell -USMC
    Survivor USS Indianapolis


    1. God bless you Mr. Harrell for all you do to keep the memory of so many families affected by this tragedy.

    2. Ed,

      Do you remember me from Learner’s on 9th Street? Glad to see you are healthy and active!!!! You’re doing good work!


  2. It was an honor and pleasure to meet you at the Denver airport. God bless you and thank you for bravely serving our country.

  3. Hello Ed: so very nice to meet you at the San Diego premier of the magnificent film and also at the reception party afterward at the Double Tree Hotel. A live changing experience for me, i was so lucky to get a seat to view the movie, had been overseas and was not able to get a reserved seat. I prayed standing in line with one other person to get in to see the movie, yes, and it did work. We got a seat. Will report all this now to my uncle in Germany who served on a U-Boat in WWII, he is now 96 years old and also will tell my aunt in Munich, now also 96, she attended many U-boat reunions in her later years after finally getting reunited with a sweetheart from the WWII days. Thank you again, please let me know if you and the crew are ever in the San Diego area again, would like to invite you all for coffee or lunch, if your time allows. All the best . ingrid ursula mancini in San Diego

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