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With Childlike Faith: A New Way to Look at the Crucifixion

She hung close to her mom as she watched the man carrying a cross down the aisle. She let out a shriek and tried to run to help him when they whipped his back. She cried with him, helpless as she watched the horrible scene unfold before her, so emotional that she had to be carried away.

The deep sorrow and inexpressible joy that comes with the resurrection story is incomparable. Written by the finger of God from the beginning of time, it is unlike any story that could ever be written by man.

During this time of the year, we hear this story in many different ways. We see various displays of the cross, so much that we run the risk of becoming desensitized to it all. But seeing my niece’s reaction to watching her dad play the part of Jesus in the church’s Easter play brought it back to reality.

In her eyes, the man that meant the world to her, who she loved with all her heart and soul, was being attacked, going through such suffering, and there was nothing she could do about it.

Jesus, however, said, “Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away, because the kingdom from heaven belongs to people like these” (Matt. 19:14, ISV).

Emotional? Yes, we were created as emotional beings, in reflection of God’s heart. Innocent? I hope so. I hope we have not lost the purity in our hearts that would be appalled by the evils the enemy inspires in this world. He tried to completely annihilate our Savior, and on the cross, it looked like he had succeeded. But that’s not the whole story.

Author Services Rep Elizabeth Marrero
Author Services Rep Elizabeth Marrero

Three days after Jesus’ crucifixion, he resurrected (just like He said), roaring with life in abundance like the Lion of Judah He is. “Why are you crying?” Jesus asked the woman looking for His dead body. He is alive; the victory has been won for us all; our God reigns!

I invite you to celebrate with us in the inexpressible joy and innocence of a child, to praise, sing, shout, and dance your heart out in worship to our triumphant King. Jesus said, “Remember Me,” and we do so with joy because we remember Him as victorious. Happy Resurrection Sunday!

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Originally published March 26, 2016.

9 Comments on “With Childlike Faith: A New Way to Look at the Crucifixion

  1. What a very touching and heartfelt story. No matter who tells it and how many different narrations are told, I always get the same feelings and emotions, sadness and sorrow because of the crucifixion, joy and gladness because of the resurrection. Hallelujah!

  2. Dear our Christian fread warm Greetings to you in the name of Jesus christ .i am happy in this Easter good Friday. I thanks to god because he was crucified for my sin now i am free. My request to you i needed your prayer i am sick and. Needed your support yours Pastor bernerd mati Kigaru address 20 code 60113 kiritiri embu kenya telephone 254720470113.

  3. When I think about the wounds, bruises, chastisement, and the beating Jesus endured at the hands of the Romans, I can hardly bear it… and that was only the half of it! How did Jesus endure such an unbeleivable torture? There is no doubt that he should’ve died at the whipping post! I’ve had a severe cut and serious bleeding before, and I became weak and fainted! He was able to put the weight of the world and that heavy cross on his bleeding, raw, exposed back until he collapsed in pain and exhaustion. He was battered and beaten on the road to the cross, crucified, and evetually stabbed before he died. To say that I appreciate what Jesus did for me is so understated. All I can do is pour my love on him, and try my best to express my love to him. I know that Jesus loves me, because there is no greater love sacrifice than the fact he suffered a horrible torturous death just for me! I have watched ‘Passion of the Christ’, once at the movies and sat and cried in the theater seats until they finally asked me to leave. I love Jesus with all of my heart! He is my closest friend!

  4. What a great deal our Savior had to suffered for all of us on the cross. Can you imagine the pain He went through? I feel with my heart that if He went through that for me, I must certainly have to share Him with others. I can’t keep it to myself because of what He did on the cross. I have a desire to keep on telling others how marvelous He is and the most wonderful thing is, because of that, He has transformed me!

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