Gone are the days of never finding time to sit down and read a book. Now, you can listen to an audiobook anywhere while doing just about anything. 1. While

10 Perfect Moments to Listen to an Audiobook

Gone are the days of never finding time to sit down and read a book. Now, you can listen to an audiobook anywhere while doing just about anything. 1. While

Remember when we thought ebooks would take over the book publishing industry because they would make it so much easier to carry books on to go? Well, now that audiobooks have reentered the publishing industry with renewed zeal, it’s safe to say this format isn’t going anywhere. Gone are the days of never finding time to sit down and read a book. Now, you can listen to audiobooks anywhere, and doing just about anything.

Are you still unsure if you’d find the time to listen to an entire audiobook? Here are 10 times you can easily listen to an audiobook:

1. In the shower.

Pick up an inexpensive, waterproof Bluetooth speaker and you can easily listen to your audiobook in the shower.

2. While drying your hair.

Noise-canceling air pods almost completely block out all noise from your hairdryer, making it super easy to listen to your audiobook at a normal volume level

3. When making breakfast.

Whether breakfast takes you five or 15 minutes, you can sneak in some audiobook time during breakfast.

4. While walking.

If you head out the door for your daily 30 minutes of movement, grab your headphones and listen to your book as you pound the pavement.

5. When doing chores around the house.

Is there anything more monotonous than house chores? Instead of dreading the time it takes to do laundry or clean the bathroom, you can now enjoy that uninterrupted time you gain to listen to your book.

6. When working on another hobby.

If you have a hobby that’s more about letting your mind wander — coloring, cross-stitching, crafting — that’s a great time to also listen to your audiobook. While your hands work away, your mind can enjoy your book.

7. When making dinner.

Most nights, dinner probably takes at least 30 minutes to prepare. During that time, you could let your mind replay your entire day — good or bad — or you could listen to the news and going in to dinner with your family feeling stressed out. You could also use that time to listen to your audiobook, which can help lower stress levels because you’re doing something you enjoy.

8. When completing autopilot-style work tasks.

Is your email inbox overloaded and you need to clean it up? Do you need to add some meetings to your calendar? When you have mindless tasks to check off your list, that’s a great time to push “Play” on your audiobook.

9. Before bed/when struggling to fall asleep.

If you typically enjoy reading a book before bed, you may want to switch to listening to your book instead — especially if you tend to read your book on a tablet at night. The harsh blue light from your tablet can disrupt your sleep patterns by telling your body it’s not time to produce melatonin yet. Since listening to an audiobook doesn’t require a screen, your body can more naturally begin to wind down for bed.

By all means, don’t choose a suspenseful thriller to listen to when you’re struggling to fall asleep — it could actually elevate your heart rate and make falling asleep even harder. Instead, choose a nonfiction book and set the sleep timer so your audiobook shuts off by a certain time. The soothing rhythm of the narrator’s voice can be enough to lull you to sleep.

10. At the beach or pool.

There’s nothing worse than a bright glare on your tablet while trying to read at the beach or pool, or getting pages of your physical book wet. Choose an audiobook and simply lay your head back on your chair and relax.

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