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Introducing: The Author Branding Bundle!

Our office has been abuzz with the launch of a new product, specifically here in the marketing department. The Author Branding Bundle contains all the staples of social media to give you a launching pad for your new book and your career as an author. As a publisher we know why these sites are important, but if you’re new to the world of social media, you may not.

Follow along as we break it down for you!

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is a booming social media platform that almost everyone is on. This means if you have a specific target audience, they’re on Facebook. A Facebook Fan Page allows users to follow you for updates you post, like upcoming events or new developments, and share the information with their friends.

Facebook Advertising Campaigns

There are a lot of people on Facebook, so you have to stand out. An advertising campaign shows your information to those who are most likely to interact with it. This will help build your audience on your page as well as direct people where to purchase your book. Both of which are good things, am I right?

Goodreads Profile

Think of Goodreads as Facebook but specifically for books. Book readers, book writers, book reviewers, librarians and book buyers all use this site. This is essentially the shopping mall for bookworms. People can leave ratings and reviews as well as ask questions to the author. If an author has a profile on this site, they are likely going to have much more interaction with their readers.

Twitter Profile

Twitter is best for small bursts of information, similar to a text message. You only get 280 characters in a post so any information shared is valuable. This platform is excellent for sharing event announcements or tidbits of advice. Your followers can ‘retweet’ something you posted which is then shown to all of their followers, casting a wider net for your information to reach.

Instagram Profile

You’re in luck; we recently added Instagram to our products! We know the importance of keeping up with new marketing techniques and this is a big one. Instagram is all about pictures. Maybe you just got the first hard copy of your book – post it! Did you get a new banner for an event you’re holding – show it off! This is the most visual of all the platforms so get, so get creative not only with the pictures but their captions as well.

Amazon Exposure Page

When your book is listed on Amazon, your name is front and center. With an Amazon Exposure page, shoppers can click on your name for more information about you, including the collection of books you’ve written. This page gives them insight to the person behind the book, which may help them decide to buy.

Each of these platforms is unique and has a particular advantage. There are some similarities to help with ease of use, but to have a well-rounded brand it’s best to be present on all of them. Branding each of these pages is just as important so your followers will recognize you. We make sure to use the same name and cover photo on each profile to make a brand that is specific to you as an author.

Let our dedicated author marketing team help you get started with these great marketing tools and lead you to social media success.


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