Back to School To Re-Start Your Book
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Back to “School” To Re-Start Your Book

Back to School To Re-Start Your BookThe idea has been realized; the outline has been established; maybe a couple of pages have already been written for the book that has been placed on your heart to write.

Yet as with all writers, regardless of education, skill set or experience, obstacles will come about to impede progress and, if left unchecked, will cause a promising book to be shelved indefinitely.

One recognized obstacle that can emerge happens to occur within the writer, you: the belief that you don’t have business writing a book on this particular topic. Such a thought could be disastrous to the incubation of a manuscript, as you could let fears and doubts cause you to give up the book and the publishing dream.

However, a great approach to adopt to re-ignite those writing fires is to go “old school”, in the sense of back to the times of writing book reports, papers and essays.

When a teacher gave you a writing project/assignment in school that required research, the most important step you took was to find resources to help educate you on the assignment’s topic and prepare you to write out the assignment.

The same step can be used for writing your book, although instead of getting encyclopedias and Internet articles, you would get books on the same topic/concept/book format as your book.

If you were thinking of writing a devotional, find some inspirational devotional books that cater to the topic you want reflected most in your manuscript. The same for memoirs, children’s books, Bible-focused texts and any other book idea in mind.

As you are reading these example resources, take notes, as you did in school, on the pros and cons you have about the author’s writing and grasp of subject, as well as what lessons you can gleam from the formatting, organization, narration and pace of the book. After making the list, determine the area(s) where you find it difficult to progress in your manuscript and see if the lessons you gained from the other books can alleviate that issue.

It may sound simple in theory, but by “researching” how other authors create their books, you gain more of an idea on shaping your manuscript into an inspirational and enjoyable read for your audience. You would avoid content holes where audiences could get lost or become confused by your book, achieving the impact you wish to make on your audience.

So go back to your schooling basics and revisit the homework habit of researching. Your teachers would be proud!


Blair Townley joined the Xulon Press family as a Staff Editor in May 2013, helping first-time authors prepare their treasured manuscripts for publication. Prior to Xulon Press, she previously worked as a staff writer/editor for several Central Florida-based magazines over the past decade. What Blair enjoys most about writing and editing is getting to help others share their stories, helping others see themselves as the unique individuals God created them to be.

2 Comments on “Back to “School” To Re-Start Your Book

  1. I used to do a lot of writing in school and got A’s in it. Off and on through the years I’ve been told I have experienced a lot and should do a book. Also. I’ve periodically had that thought of writing sometime and there has been some prophecy concerning it. Now I’ve been praying, asking if this is the time, what is topic, and what do I write?

    I have been challenged in my life with an issue that is constantly affecting me that most people don’t understand and really have no concept of. Sometime is like to address that somehow, to add experiential knowledge out there to help with awareness and understanding. Resently I found myself responding to a Face Book site I was invited to and writing many lines of encouragement to the sufferers on the other end. Now I wonder if that might be my direction to start. I’m asking myself concerning the medium to write such as a blog, articles – but where, start a book of encouragements to suffers as myself, etc.

    Might you have suggestions to help me with where to possibly start and perhaps tips or something on defining my avenue, whether it be autobiography, encourage, etc. or what; and good directions to go to start putting the end result out there? Such as if it is not a book, the only things that come to mind are blogs and magazines.

    Thank you,
    Deborah R

    1. Maybe a book dedicated to this issue in your life, and advice to help with this issue, might be most helpful to your readers and you. Hope that helps and let us know if we can help publish your manuscript. Have a blessed day. God Bless.

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