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What’s Your Excuse?

Xulon Press Publishing Consultant Peter Lopez
Xulon Press Publishing Consultant Peter Lopez

I work for Xulon Press as a Publishing Consultant. People call in from all over the world; I’m the guy on the other end of the phone that listens to their ideas and takes the time to consult with them. I encourage them; I partner with them and help fulfill their dream of writing and publishing their book. It is the first time most of them ever really consider themselves as an author, which is a significant accomplishment.

I have been in the trenches with thousands of aspiring authors. I ask them what’s holding them back. I even coined a phrase: “Two pages a day will get your book published right away.” I tell them their dream is literally in their hands and you know what? They respond! By the grace of God I have been able to help hundreds of Christian authors finish and publish their books! Do you know the crazy thing about being part of hundreds of books that will help people and bring about blessings to an untold amount of God’s people? I hadn’t done it myself!

Xulon wanted me to write a book. They would even publish it for me. Still, I hadn’t written one. I’m not a good typist, so I bought software that types what I speak and I still hadn’t started. Would you like to know why I hadn’t written a book? EXCUSES. We get them for free at the Excuse Academy, I guess. We wake up every day wanting to lose weight, wanting to open a business, wanting to go back to school, wanting to spend more time with our families or (insert your personalized “want” here). We’ve prayed about it, dreamed about it and some of us have driven people completely nuts because we don’t stop talking about it! Yet… where is it? We are still in the same place!

No ExcusesTwenty-three years have gone by since I first wanted to write a book. I started to write on my notepad, I told my friends and family that I was going to be an author and then the excuses came pouring in. I’m too busy now; let me put it off to next year. I just got married and I need to concentrate on building a family. Just purchased my first house I don’t have the money. I took a bigger role at work and now I don’t have time… blah, blah, blah. 276 months of excuses. 1,196 weeks of excuses. 83,395 days of excuses. Excuses somehow make you feel good about not being as great as you can be. Let me repeat that because it’s important: You have excuses that somehow make you feel good about not being as great as you can be! Here are some of the daily excuses we hear at Xulon Press:

  • I’m not perfect, who am I to give advice?
  • I’m not sure what to write about.
  • You need to pay me for my book.
  • I don’t have the time.
  • I don’t have the money.
  • I can’t do this alone.
  • Who’s going to buy my book?

And in the excuses Hall of Fame: “Let me pray about it.” Yeah, I said it! That one kills me and trust me, I have 25 years of experience in ministry and I’ve been guilty of using that one myself. Do you know what P.E.S. is? Programmed Excuse Syndrome. We automatically go into the file in our head and pull it out and insert excuses in the right place and time. Some of us plan our excuse in advance while others can give an excuse to any situation at the drop of a hat. Which one are you? The problem with excuses is that although we don’t realize it, we allow them to shape our future. We don’t realize it, but our family and those around us suffer because of our inability to be accountable. Your dreams will never leave your pillow, your weight will never decrease and your IQ will never go up. The worst thing is God’s will for your life never gets accomplished.

“He that is good at making excuses is seldom good at anything else.” – Benjamin Franklin

Welcome to your first day of trying to live an Excuse-Free life. I’m a living example of getting out of situations by using simple, everyday excuses, but today I’m happy to announce that I submitted my first manuscript to the editing department, titled Excuses, Excuses: We All Have Them—Which One is Yours? I may not know who is going to buy it, but I know I won’t keep putting my dreams on hold!


Peter Lopez has been a Lead Publishing Consultant with Xulon Press, and is one of the most beloved members of the Xulon Press family. He’s passionate about family, faith and helping authors make their dreams come true! With 25 years in business and ministry and now as a Publishing Consultant at Xulon Press, Peter is all about getting to know people. More importantly, his passion is helping them get to know themselves. Whether it’s stepping forward in a relationship with God, a business venture or getting a book published, or being trained and coached, Peter wants to get you moving forward! He recently published his first book with Xulon Press titled Excuses-Excuses Which ones is Yours? Find out more about Peter at

49 Comments on “What’s Your Excuse?

  1. I just read my life on this article. But wait, after so many years of excuses, my first novel The Zhonnguo Orchestra would come out (hopefully!) this Summer 2014 through Xulon.

  2. Thanks Peter, I am having excusitis I guess. I want this book to be so much better than the first one, that I’m getting bogged down with everything else except writing my second book. It is time that I get doing the one thing that I want to make a difference in my world and others. My goal and dream is to share the importance of the family. I pray I can share how important it is to follow God’s pattern of what He intended the family to look like. God first, then one man and one woman as husband and wife loving and caring for and making decisions and loving and teaching the children God’s Word.

    Because I have a day-care and have had one for 25 years I experience the pain and loneliness in families as one parent leaves the other and then she, or he, is thrown into the challenging and powerful role of being everything to their children to make all the decisions in their life, and the children wait at the window wondering when the parent will return. “What they wonder have they done to drive Mom and Dad apart?”

    Because there is so much brokenness in the world we need to realize that when we are a child of God, we will never be alone as He will never leave us or forsake us.
    Pray for me that I will get started writing this book and get this so important message across to the families, and the young boys and girls, who need to hear this message.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts and thanks again for these blogs Xulon.

    1. Hi Barbara-I know God will see you through and that 2nd book will get published. Your first book was all about an ordinary person doing an extra-ordinary things and this 2nd book will help other realize there dreams. Please call Toni Riggs at 407-949-3028

  3. Thank you. I have started writing but have found excuses are my best friend. This article enlightened me and helped me know I better get busy. Again thank-you.

      1. Thank you Mr. Lopez. I emailed Ms. Sullivan tonight. At this point am willing to try anything. God Wink.

  4. “And in the excuses Hall of Fame: “Let me pray about it.” LOL!!! Loved it bro! Can’t wait for the book. Okay, you got me, I’ll start writing.

    1. I agree that is so true and hilarious…Let me pray about it! Its funny because I’ve heard it so many times. Lol!

    1. Pastor Alan, so great to reconnect with you, it’s been a while. My direct line is 407-949-3055 We are owned by Salem Communications, so your part of the Radio Luz Boston team 🙂

  5. What an inspirational kick in the pants!
    So I guess I’d better give you a call SOON and get some guidance.
    Thanks for the article!

  6. Peter!!! I’m so glad you’ve taken your own advice! While I was reading your blog, I thought about the many times you encouraged me during my tough roads of writers blahs and how glad and blessed I’ve been since my book was published!
    So congratulations, my friend!

    1. KIMBBERRRR, How are you doing? Thank you for the kind words and I love your back cover intro :

      With Her And Without Her walks you through the journey and experiences of Kimber Dailey after losing her mother. This book will help you understand that you are not alone and will encourage you throughout the various grieving stages. From start to finish you will treasure this book and feel a bond with Kimber as she shows you how to honor your mother and move from grieving to thriving

  7. Agree!! Right to the point, No need to add. Can’t wait to see the finishing touch to your book. One is to dream and one is to make the dream alive. Good work Pete.

  8. Peter this was wonderfully said, I hear so many excuses about why someone is not pursuing their goals or vision that God showed them. Someone once said, “Turn your excuses into reasons.” We have to flip the script and instead of saying I cannot attend school because I have kids we can say I must go back to school because I have kids. I just did it with three kids. This applies to all other excuses as well; turn it into your reason. This is beautiful Peter and thank you for directing me to your blog.

    Many blessings to you and your family.

  9. I worked with Peter at one point and learned a lot about how I used excuses to explain why I thought I couldn’t do something. He would verbally slap me back to a place of optimism and belief that I could do it (its easier to encourage others because if they fail its on them) and he has finally taken his own advice when it comes to his book. What an awesome way to start 2014. No more excuses, time for me to lose weight and write my book.

  10. So proud of you! I know this has been a dream of yours since we got married and to see it becoming a reality blesses me. I know this book will be a blessing to all who read it! Congratulations and I believe this is the first of many!!

  11. “Let me pray about it” I think you used it on me once. LOL.. So proud of you Peter. May God continue to bless you and your family.

  12. PK,
    From Watt’s to Cambridge is coming your way soon. But first I’m sending you The Way The Ball Bounces. I just put my son Andy on the airplane back to Rhode Island. Now I can sit down and finish my drafts.

    Later, keep up the good work!


  13. Excuses can come from more than one source. My BIGGEST excuse for not doing “Anything” is fear of failure! One that ALL beings face on a daily basis.

  14. It took me time to get started also. The thought of writing a book can be daunting. I found that if you divide it up into smaller chunks (Chapters) it is easier to deal with and less overwhelming. Good luck in your endeavors and may God richly bless you.

  15. This is ticklish. This makes me laugh at myself. I own my excuses but I have to go forward before I die.

  16. Wow! This is right on time. To read this blog and everyone’s comments wow it’s amazing. I love the “two pages a day” quote. So glad I found Xulon press!!

  17. Hello Peter,

    I was blessed by this article. It feels like you wrote this article for me 😉 I definitely have my “Noah’s Ark” full of excuses as to why I haven’t started my book earlier. Here was the best one: “I don’t have anything to say!” 😉

    I enjoyed our conversations on the phone and I appreciate the guidance in helping me to get started on my first book. I am very excited about this journey. I will be praying for the successful completion of your own book and look forward to its release. Until then, God bless you and keep writing brother!

    1. Vince,

      My apologizes for not getting back to sooner. .I haven’t’ checked this Blog in a while, but it’s still a classic and it’s real today. Don’t worry about Noah Ark it only took him 120 years to build something that was only going to be used for 40 days 🙂

      Let’s connect soon and I know Xulon Press is here to serve you.

  18. Peter, I got your information and I have no excuses. 🙂 Actually I don’t have a choice. Will send my info soon. Like your blog. Do you keep adding to it?

  19. You said 23 years went by since you first wantd to wite your own book. Is that right? That’s funny. I just met you yesterday. You will soon read in my book that I was 9 years old when I had an experience with the entire Godhead that was “heaven” shattering. They told me I would write a book. I’m 32 years old now. After reading your blog I just realized one thing, that was 23 years ago.

    God’s will is awesome. Praise God for being used. I am actually looking fwd to what awesome reward God has for you Peter Lopez in doing this work.

    It must be a faithful reward because you, my friend, have obviously been faithful too so many.

    Jeremiah 29:11; Isaiah 55:8-9

  20. I think all what you had written as if you were inside me. I have the problem of inferiority and don’t trust myself on my work. This makes me to have so many excuses, hence push my work to another day and so on.

    Thank you for the advice.

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