Writing With Spring Colors!

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For this month's writing challenge, we'll be using spring colors to evoke thoughts or stories to practice creative writing. We've listed some of our favo...

Spring is here and it brings with it the trend of beautiful bright and pastel colors. For this month’s writing challenge, we’ll be using spring colors to evoke thoughts or stories we can use to practice creative writing. We’ve listed some of our favorite spring colors below, but feel free to keep this exercise going with more colors!

Pastel Yellow

Think about this color for a moment. What does yellow remind you of? If it’s the sun, write about a sunny day. If it’s a drink, write about the last time you had it. Just make sure the topic you choose is authentic to your thoughts that are evoked by the color.


This lilac color encourages calmness and tranquility and is useful for both self-reflection and invoking a relaxed, meditative state. How does this color make you feel?


Orange usually calls to mind feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, and warmth. Many people also associate the color with the bright sunsets and the refreshing taste of citrus. What comes to mind with this color? What thoughts make you feel excited or warm?


This specific shade of blue is a soothing, calming color that evokes feelings of peace and confidence; opposed to the normal feelings of sadness people tie to the color blue. Think about a moment you felt confident and write about it.


Carmine is a type of red color associated with activity, energy, bravery, boldness, and passion. How does this color make you feel?


Did we miss your favorite color? Share it in the comments below!

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