What is Substack?

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Substack is an online platform that looks and feels a little bit like a blog, but it also operates as a subscription-based email newsletter. More and mor...

What is Substack and how is Xulon Press using the platform?

What is Substack? It is an online platform that looks and feels a little bit like a blog, but it also operates as a subscription-based email newsletter. More and more creators, journalists, and news outlets are using the platform to publish their work.

To follow a creator or channel on Substack, you’ll only need to enter your email address. From there, Substack does the work for you and will deliver every new article to your email inbox from the writer or company you subscribed to.

Is Substack Free?

Substack is completely free to set up your own account if you decide to create your own newsletter. It’s also free for consumers to subscribe to any creator of their choice.

Do I Have to Pay to Use Substack?

Nope! Stubstack is free. However, Substack newsletter owners do have the ability to earn money from their newsletters by adding a subscription rate. Substack allows for a monthly or annual rate and each creator can set their specific rates. Creators can choose whether or not they want to charge for all of their content or just specific articles.

Substack offers its creators the ability to decide for each article they publish whether it will be free to all subscribers or only available to paid subscribers. So, you may see some creators share both free and paid-for content each week.

You don’t have to pay to subscribe to any creators’ email newsletters in order to use the Substack platform. You can simply enter your email address to subscribe to the specific newsletter or newsletters you wish to receive in your email inbox, and you’ll be able to read full articles if the creator designates them for free subscribers.

Announcing the Xulon Press Substack!

One of our 2023 goals at Xulon Press was to focus on a writing education initiative, and Substack gives us the perfect space to share writing, social media, and book marketing tips within an easy-to-access space for you.

Substack is an online platform that looks and feels a little bit like a blog, but it also operates as a subscription-based email newsletter. More and mor...

All you have to do is visit our Xulon Press Substack and subscribe with your email address. Then, you’ll be able to view the full archive of articles already published, and you’ll receive new articles every Tuesday and Thursday in your email inbox.

With our summer launch, we’re making it super easy to access our content. All the content on the Xulon Press Substack is currently free!

We have big, exciting plans for our Xulon Press Substack, though. We’ll be launching a paid subscription option this summer, and you won’t want to miss out! We have some great writing education in the works, including helpful worksheets for memoirs, devotionals, biblical commentary, and self-help books, as well as downloadables to help with outlining, plotting, character development, planning your writing schedule, and more.

On the Xulon Press Substack, we’ll also share in-depth articles focused on the “how-to” of writing, videos you can watch on your own time, and early access to virtual events. It won’t be all writing education focused though; you’ll have access to social media tips and pre-marketing strategies you can use to launch your book.

Here’s the super exciting part: When the paid portion of our Xulon Press Substack launches later this summer, the monthly subscription for premium content will be under $10! Plus, we’ll still be sharing loads of free content for everyone who signs up for our Substack newsletter.

Questions About the Xulon Press Substack

We’re sure you’ll have questions about the Xulon Press Substack in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to answer them. Add your Substack questions in the comment section and we’ll answer the first 4–6 questions in a follow-up blog post.

Here are a few answers to questions we’re sure you’ll have:

1. Will the Xulon Press Substack be different from the Xulon Press blog?

 Yes. The content we publish on the Xulon Press Substack will only be available on Substack. This content will heavily focus on writing education, tips,  and downloadable worksheets to help you start and finish writing your manuscript, social media help, and book pre-marketing strategies, and we’ll be able to go more in-depth than we can in a blog post.

2. How do I read Xulon Press Substack articles?

There are a few ways you can read the Xulon Press Substack. Once you subscribe with your email address, the easiest way to read articles is through your email inbox. Every time we publish an article, it will be sent to you as an email. If it’s a free article, you’ll be able to read the entire article in your email inbox. If it’s a paid subscription article, you’ll be able to read the entire article if you’re a paid subscriber. If you’re a free subscriber, you’ll only be able to read a free sample of the article in your inbox.

You can also download the Substack App to your Apple or Android phone, log in to your account, and read articles through the app.

The third way is to visit XulonPress.Substack.com on your mobile device, tablet, or computer. You’ll sign in to your account and then be able to read our articles.

3. If I subscribe to the Xulon Press Substack, what articles will I get?

If you only subscribe to the Xulon Press Substack, then you will only receive articles from our newsletter. From time to time, you may get a general email from the Substack platform as well. However, you will not receive articles from newsletters you do not subscribe to.

4. How much will the monthly subscription rate be for the Xulon Press Substack?

The Xulon Press Substack is currently free! In the coming months, we will be incorporating some paid content. The monthly rate will be under $10.

5. Why will there be a fee for the Xulon Press Substack?

We want to be able to offer material that has depth and adds value to your writing and publishing endeavors and to do that well the Xulon Press Substack will move to a paid subscription option after the initial launch of the newsletter. We will still publish free Substack articles after the launch, but paid subscribers will have full access to all of our articles, videos, virtual events, and downloadable materials.

Visit the Xulon Press Substack to start enjoying our free articles!

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