What Does a Picnic Table Have To Do With Publishing?

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In his latest video blog, Acquisitions Director Don Newman shares from the “Picnic Table”, a place where his team has gathered over the years to not only share and pray for each other, but also for the authors they’ve been working with.

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  1. avatar Susan M A Wegoye says:

    Am inspired by the Faith of the Team in the Lord Jesus. Beautiful to know our life’s stories are placed at the feet of the Master. I live in Uganda. I have lived life here during the Country’s most turbulent times and I believe the Lord made something beautiful out of the scars of my life.

  2. avatar Dr Chan Heng Thye says:

    Hello Bro In Christ, Director Don Newman

    My heart is truly at ease after listening to you. The Lord has blessed me to somehow find the website & connect to Gina.I was not that reassured despite emailing with Gina but your talk has confirmed that I must sign up with your company.

    I’m 77 years old & I want to leave a lasting legacy for my 4 grandchildren, my two daughters & two sons-in-laws as well as my darling wife.

    I have almost finished except for some finishing touches. To make it more presentable & attractive that’s where your company comes in. How do I send the manuscript to your company? How do I pay?
    Actually In want to have book launch on my 80th Birthday i.e. 5/7/19.

    Thinking out loud I would like my daughters to write forwards….what do you think?

    Shalom Dr Chan

  3. avatar elizabeth says:

    Loved your picnic table. When people pray I know that I’m among the right people…

  4. Bro. Don,

    Appreciate your video at the picnic table. It is fitting because I believe my upcoming book
    I’ve been discussing with Cindy Engalla, “Acts of an Awesome God,” is something that will
    “feed” people’s hearts, minds, bodies, souls and spirits. I think the books we non-fiction
    writers produce are not so much about us but about the messages our stories convey. And
    the Spirit of God should be interlaced throughout every word and page.

    God Bless and I look forward to having my very first book published with Xulon very soon.

  5. avatar Rebecca Diaz says:

    Thank you for your message! I am in the process of writing at least one inspirational book based upon how God has worked constantly in my life to encourage others. However, I currently work as a K-1 elementary school teacher and find my time is stretched to the max. My 74 year old Mom also lives with my husband and I as well as a son who has returned home from an unhealthy relationship to refocus his life on Christ. I would appreciate your prayers to allow me to find the time to write what God has put on my heart and the money to see it published. Thank you!

  6. avatar Nate Wilkerson says:

    Love this so much! Y’all have already been a huge encouragement and help to me already and I greatly appreciate you guys!

  7. avatar Evangelist Vanessa Estes says:

    After listening to your video Don, it has confirmed what my spirit is feeling; and that is comfort in knowing that my book will be in good spiritual hands. Thank you also for praying for me and every author who is writing. It is not easy writing when you have a family and personal things come up against you. But like your video states, it is my dream to accomplish this book and prayerfully many others to inspire those who are in search for peace of mind.

    Blessings to you and your publishing family. I look forward to working with Xulon very soon.

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