5 Writing Goals to Add to Your List

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Use the rest of this month to experiment with some new aspects of writing. Here are 5 writing goals you can still accomplish this month: 1.) T...

You don’t always have to be working on a “book” to be a writer. Use the rest of this month to experiment with some new (to you) aspects of writing. From research to reading, and everything in between, there are plenty of different activities you can explore that still fall under creative living.

Here are 5 writing goals you can still accomplish this month:

1. Search for inspiration.

If you’re between writing projects, start researching your next project. Scroll through Pinterest to find character inspiration. Take daily walks and snap photos of objects, buildings, and scenery that inspire you. Sit in a public space with a notebook and pencil and record anything interesting you see.

2. Try your hand at writing a poem.

The best part of poems is you can make them as short or long as you want and there are many different styles of poetry to choose from. This gives you full creative liberty to create something truly unique.

3. Read one book about writing.

With so many books on the market that focus on writing, you may feel like you need to read them all before you can begin writing. Instead, start small. Choose one book (or a few chapters of a larger book) to read this month that focuses on a specific area of your writing that you’re trying to improve. Use our list of books for writers to read as a jumping-off point. 

4. Learn something new.

This goal can be absolutely anything, just try something completely new to you. If you aren’t cooking, give a new recipe a try. If you’ve always wanted to knit, start a small project you can finish. Even trying a new workout can be fun!

5. Start a pandemic journal.

Someday, your children or grandchildren will want to know what this unique time in history was like from your point of view. It’s never too late to start a pandemic journal. It can be as simple as writing down some memories—good and bad—that you experienced during the pandemic or maybe you create a photo journal using pictures you took throughout the pandemic and add captions to the photos to describe who was in the photo or what took place in the photo.

Looking for more writing goals to try this month? Visit our blog.

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