3 Writing Prompts for Fiction Writers

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Let’s face it; sometimes we just don’t know the first word to type. That’s fine if you’re a mathematician, but as a writer, words are as necessary as air to breathe. Instead of fuming at your desk, staring at a cursor that’s mocking you with every blink, try your hand at one of these fiction writing prompts to get your creative juices flowing. Feel free to tell us how your story ended in the comments below!


1.) Write a scene using only dialogue, and start with the line, “He was just here two minutes ago!”


2.) Paint the picture of a quiet place—a tranquil garden, an old, abandoned house, or a desolate city whose occupants have fled—using no dialogue, only descriptions. What do you smell? See? What do you hear, or what are you hoping to hear? 


3.) A little girl takes her place in the center of a stage illuminated by dozens of lights, and flanked by royal blue curtains. Her wispy brown hair has been curled and pulled back properly to the sides; her shoes meticulously polished for the occasion. She never would have imagined that she’d be here, but now a vast audience of grown adults are seated in the auditorium in front of her, waiting with great anticipation. She takes a deep breath, steps forward, and… 



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