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7 Tips To Stay Creative

Every-day life routines can start feeling mundane after a while. And if you’re like many of us, quarantining at home due to the current global pandemic COVID-19, life at home will definitely start feeling tedious pretty soon (if it’s not already). It’s important to shake things up a bit to stay sharp and full of fresh ideas. We’re constantly writing new stories and trying to find the next big hit, but after a while, it can become challenging to do something new. In order to raise your level of expertise, authority, and innovation as a writer, you have to become more creative.

Here’s a list of 7 ways to get your creative juices flowing and improve your creativity:

1. Write Freely

This may sound a little gross, but I like to call this technique “word vomit”. Because it’s basically just your brain vomiting all of your thoughts on a piece of paper (or your laptop) without control, second thoughts, or looking back. Practice writing uninhibited thoughts early in the morning when you first wake up to jump-start your creativity. Brilliant ideas, solutions and reminders will come early in the morning. 

2. Keep an Idea Journal with You at All Times

Whether you prefer to travel with a pen and a small pad or you prefer the convenience of a note-taking app on your phone, when inspiration strikes, record it quickly right when the idea is fresh.

3. Pray

Clear your mind of any clutter by taking some time to pray and leaving any worries or concerns in God’s hands. Get in tune and allow yourself to hear ideas that are meant for you.

4. Break Out of Your Routine

It seems easy enough, but we are all creatures of habit. Doing the same things over and over or having the same routine every day can dull your mind. Whether it’s waking up earlier and going for a jog (or completing a home workout if you’re quarantined) or trying out a new recipe and not having your typical breakfast or lunch, break up the monotony and do things a little differently.

5. Get Your Movement In

With that being said, get physical! Physical activity releases endorphins, which can trigger a positive feeling in the body and mind. So ride a bike, run on the treadmill, stretch, or complete a home exercise and get your blood pumping. The increased blood flow positively impacts your creative juices.

6. Tidy Up Your Home

If you do most of your writing at home, it is vital for you to be in a clutter-free environment. A clean space will stir up your creativity. Everything speaks to you, so clear the distractions so you can hear what inspires you and not what’s draining you or what task you need to complete next.

7. Try Different Writing Exercises

Think of a dream you had and write a twist on it, write a letter to your younger self, write a story based on the last food item you ate, etc. Get as creative as you want with your prompts. But don’t forget the word vomit tactic I showed you: Spill your incoming thoughts on a piece of paper and don’t look back! This means no edits as you go or checking for grammar mistakes.

My Challenge for You

Try implementing at least one of these tips every day over the next few weeks.

Originally published April 23, 2020.

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