Audiobooks is currently the most popular book format. But should you publish your own as an indie (self-published) author? This should help you decide...
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Why Every Author Needs An Audiobook

Audiobooks is currently the most popular book format. But should you publish your own as an indie (self-published) author? This should help you decide...

Did you know more than half of all Americans listened to an audiobook in 2019? You might be asking yourself, why is this new book format so popular? Why is it trending at a faster pace than ebooks and traditional books?

When you ask consumers, convenience seems to be the main reason for choosing audiobooks over reading. I mean think about it, you can now listen to a book anywhere while doing almost anything. In this fast-paced world where multi-tasking is everything, it’s not hard to see why audiobooks are growing in popularity.

With all that said, it’s no doubt that audiobooks are the hot and trendy book format currently, but should you consider publishing an audiobook as an indie (self-published) author? Are they worth the effort and costs involved? We’ve highlighted some key benefits to help you decide if an audiobook is right for you. 

1. A promising market.

Already valued at billions, the global audiobook market is predicted to grow by 25% this year alone–considering the media and entertainment growth standard is just 4%, a 25% increase in growth is impressive, to say the least.

2. Reach a new audience.

This modern and powerful book format is the ideal tool for expanding your reach and getting your book in the hands (or more accurately, the ears!) of a new and very large audience. By expanding your reach into the audiobook market, you’ll be exposing your book to a whole new range of readers who might have never discovered you otherwise. 

3. Less competition.

Currently, the audiobook market is notably less saturated than the physical and ebook markets. This gives indie authors a significantly higher chance of being discovered by some fresh eyes.

4. Increase your potential revenue.

Having another source of revenue as an indie author–or in general–is always a good thing. Not only are you increasing your revenue options with audiobooks, but you’re also diversifying them. Much like any freelancer needs a range of clients to balance out their income, indie authors should have diverse income streams to fill in any potential gaps.

5. Gain credibility. 

These days pretty much anyone can create and publish an ebook, but the same can’t be said for audiobooks. As you can see from #3, creating an audiobook won’t be undertaken by every author, so the ones who do will certainly stand out.

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