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Trending Now: Book Subscriptions in a Box!

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Subscription boxes have become the new “thing” in recent years, as there is one for just about every kind of person, hobby, age, or even your pet.

Handpicked beauty products? There’s a box for that.

Toys and treats for your dog? There’s a box for that.

Featured wine of the month? There’s a box for that.

A book of the month box for your favorite genre? There’s a box for that too—and many of them, at that!

And these boxes are pretty genius, for many different reasons.

First, who doesn’t love getting stuff in the mail? And I’m not only talking about bills here; I’m talking actual, tangible “gifts to myself” each month.

Next, these boxes are typically not a “one size fits all.” Most of the boxes are tailored specifically to you and your taste only. You only like red wine, not white? There’s an option on the wine box for that. You’ve had enough of perfume samples? Then you can receive only hair products and makeup in your beauty box if you let them know. You only read young adult fiction? Check that option on your book subscription box—or subscribe to a specified young adult fiction box, which sends you a book, a handwritten note from the owner, and a small gift curated just for book lovers.

That’s exactly what one such subscription service, Uppercase, is doing.

“I’ll never send out a book I haven’t read and can’t vouch for myself,” says Uppercase owner and founder Lisa Parkin. “It’s part of what I offer—my personal recommendations for my subscribers.”

So, you don’t have to worry about receiving a “bad” book in your box. Someone whose opinion is valued by many has read it and knows the contents inside, so subscribers trust their “expert” opinion. Pretty awesome, right?

What’s another reason these subscription boxes are genius? They’re a tangible, easily measurable, amazing marketing tool for authors just like you. 

Reach out to a owners of subscription boxes that cater to your genre. Ask if you can send them one of your books to read (and perhaps review). If they like it, they can purchase a print run to send to their subscribers in a future box. Just like that, you’ve gained hundreds—maybe even thousands—of readers, and if those readers like your book, they’ll recommend it to others, and so on.

Pretty soon, your book could spreading around the globe…all because of a subscription box!



Taylor Graham comes to Xulon’s editorial team with over five years of experience writing, editing, and proofreading. Prior to joining Xulon, she worked as a freelance writer and editor, a copywriter for NBC Universal, and an advertising rater for Google. She is most passionate about the written word, the great state of California, and the Be the Match National Marrow Donor Program.

7 Comments on “Trending Now: Book Subscriptions in a Box!

  1. This is a great idea! You certainly have nothing to lose by pitching your book. Of course, you’ll want to follow all submission guidelines so make sure you understand what they are.

  2. Thanks for the information!
    I’ve had my nose in research for years for my first book: “The Verdict: God is NOT dead. His Word, the Bible, is Relevant Forever!” (2014) and my newest book (being published with Xulon): “Fear Ye Not; Neither Be Thou Afraid!” also took many years of gathering Bible verses pertaining to the subject. So I ‘backed’ into the publishing process and am now catching up on the marketing side of spreading the news of my books.
    It was therefore a pleasant surprise to find out about ‘subscription boxes’. I plan to gather more information and use this idea for sure!
    Thanks again!
    Ortrud (Oddy) Crist, PhD. Th.

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