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What Black History Month Taught Us About Telling Our Stories [Video]

As we celebrate Black History Month, Publishing Consultant Kenneth Clark talks about the role that history, legacy, and story preservation have played in black history within the United States.

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Brittnee Newman, Marketing & Communications Strategist for Xulon Press, has been a blogger, freelance journalist and editor for just over half a decade. She joined Xulon Press as an editor in 2012, and now supports the company within the Marketing Department. Follow her on Twitter at @XulonBrittnee.

7 Comments on “What Black History Month Taught Us About Telling Our Stories [Video]

  1. I think that Mr. Clark’s points about Black History Month is truly American History Month are right on. His excitement is contagious. It makes me think that what’s really exciting is the fount of black history that eternally flows, as more people discover previously undiscovered stories. As a perhaps backward or almost perverse benefit, the suppression and/or deliberate dismissal of black contribution to American culture throughout the 17th-19th Centuries (and into the 20th) gives us today a real sense of being explorers or discoverers, as we either unearth this rich history as researchers and storytellers, or are blessed as consumers by its revelation by these researchers and storytellers via books, film, the arts, etc. Would we be as interested if we had heard these stories since grade school? (“Yeah, yeah, yeah. In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue… Same old, same old!”) This is one aspect that makes history fresh and alive.

    1. Yes, I understand your pain. I feel the same way when I write about the sudden death of my mom in 2008. I’m working on my 2nd children’s book currently but plan to go back to my book on grief. I encourage you to write what you can and let the tears flow; it can be very cathartic! It doesn’t have to be a whole chapter, you can write a paragraph or two, then stop for a few days/weeks/months! But by all means, keep writing…it will not only help you; but many others. I hope this helps!

  2. Enjoyed my discussion with Mr. Clark today. God bless you and your family. I look forward to the possibilities in our near future.

    Rev. D

  3. Hello Brother Kenneth,
    I was so thankful to hear from you it was such an encouraging moment, because I have been having a problem in trying to send the book to you all. I had let this one lady read it and she sent it back to me in pdf and I could not switch it to micro-soft, so I sent it to another friend and she changed it back to what I needed but the process took a month but God he is yet making a way for me. Now tell me how is everything going for you, family and ministry? I pray all is well.

    Be blessed, Daisy B Mosby

  4. Short but to the point. I do not want my great books in the cemetery. I enjoyed this presentation.

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