heaphones wrapped around yellow, red, and blue hardcover books, Recent Audiobook Trends Going Into Fall 2023

Recent Audiobook Trends Going Into Fall 2023

heaphones wrapped around yellow, red, and blue hardcover books, Recent Audiobook Trends Going Into Fall 2023

Are you curious about audiobooks and if you should have one produced for your self-published book? In this post, we’ll cover 2023 audiobook trends and statistics, how to have an audiobook produced, and why self-published authors may benefit from having an audiobook produced.

3 New Audiobook Trends (and Statistics) 2023

1. Audiobook Consumption Continues to Rise

According to a 2023 survey by the Audio Publishers Association (APA), 53% of U.S. adults have listened to an audiobook, which is up from 45% in 2022. This shows that more and more people continue to turn to audiobooks as a form of entertainment.

2. Fiction Continues to be the Most Popular Genre

Fiction and Science Fiction/Fantasy continue to rule the audiobook market, but Humor, Non-Fiction, and Romance are currently the fastest growing genres for audiobooks, according to APA.

3. Audiobooks for Children is a Growing Market

Of audiobook listeners with children, 56% say their kids listen to audiobooks. While audiobooks for children make up just 3% of the total market, it had one of the fastest rates of growth in 2022, according to APA.

How Does Audiobook Production Work for Self-Published Authors?

If you’re  considering turning your book into an audiobook, you may be wondering what the production process entails. Typically, producing an audiobook involves hiring a narrator, recording the audio, and then editing and mastering the final product. But to save you time and effort of compiling an entire team to produce your audiobook, Xulon Press offers an audiobook service.

Xulon Press audiobook pricing is available upon request and based on the total word count of your published book. Call 1-866-381-2665 (toll free) to speak with a Xulon Press Marketing Sales Representative. International callers may use 407-339-4217.

Why Should a Self-Published Author Turn Their Book into an Audiobook?

There are many benefits to turning your self-published book into an audiobook. For one, it helps you reach a wider audience—particularly readers who prefer to consume books in audio format. Audiobooks also make reading more accessible for people who are blind, people who have difficulty focusing on words in print, or people who are unable to hold a print book due to injury or illness, and more.

Where Do Readers Find Audiobooks to Listen to?

Readers have many options available to them when it comes to places to find audiobooks. Some popular audiobook retailers include Audible, Apple Books, and Google Play Books. Many public libraries also offer digital audiobooks for loan, too.

Why Do People Listen to Audiobooks?

Audiobooks gained immense popularity in recent times due to their convenience. It’s not just about listening to a story, but also having the ability to absorb new information or improve language skills.

Audiobooks provide an escape from the daily grind of our lives, just like print books, allowing us to immerse ourselves in another world. Plus, audiobooks offer the flexibility of being able to consume books while on the go because people don’t need to physically hold books. This provides a hands-free experience that can help reduce stress and fatigue.

Additionally, audiobooks provide the opportunity to listen to books in a different voice. This can give listeners a new perspective on a story.


Erika Bennett is the Content Manager for Xulon Press. She has worked in the publishing industry for more than a decade and her passion is to make sure great books find their way into readers' hands. You can also find her writing on XulonPress.Substack.com.

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