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Author of the Month: Melissa Weathersby

The subject of today’s Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight is Melissa Weathersby, first time author of the book “Are You Arresting Your Blessing: Are You Waiting on God or is God Waiting on You?www.greatlighthouse.com. In her book, Melissa challenges the reader to review and reflect on what is holding back your blessing. Sometimes, it’s not God…it just might be you!  She offers five keys to unlock the blessings from heaven that God intended you to have. After reading her book and applying these keys to your life, the reader is encouraged to “live in the abundance He has designed you to have!”

Xulon Press Author Melissa Weathersby

As we began our conversation, I was struck by the sense of purpose in Melissa’s voice. Her determination and drive were evident as she described what she considered was the most important life event she ever experienced. “It happened when I was in undergraduate school. I was attending an FCA(Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Wednesday night bible study. I had been saved in high school. There was a lady who spoke about how she was “in love with the Lord”. I asked her “what are you talking about?” I knew that I wanted what she had. She was truly different. I had to have what she had, so I fasted for three days, and that lasted for eight weeks. At the end, I was able to hear His voice and read the “Rhema” Word, like you can eat it. It was just such a powerful time. I wish I could get back to that. It was “He and I”, one on one. I went to my dorm and would just read His Word. I kept Christian TV on nonstop. I was so sensitive to the Spirit. Everything was so intense. I could see the spiritual in everything. My parents suggested that I go to a monastery. That period of time was so refreshing. I miss that time.”

When I asked Melissa what was her favorite scripture and why, she quickly responded “Jeremiah 29:11-14.  God has a plan to prosper us, not to harm us. You matter and you count. There’s a plan that God had for you before you got here. My personal mission statement goes along with this: To inspire and motivate others to live their God-given purpose through writing, teaching and speaking!

Regarding her writing style, Melissa shared “I use an outline. I like to identify my topic/subject matter and then create an outline from there. The headers of the outline typically become the chapters and the sub-headers become the discussion topics within the chapters.  I visualize the outline and work from there, including a conclusion, appendix, references. It’s very similar to writing a paper for school.”

Xulon Press Author Melissa Weathersby - Are You Arresting Your Blessing?Melissa shared the one past experience that changed the course of her life. “I lived through a very painful divorce, thirteen years ago. I felt both pain and humility. It definitely showed that I don’t know everything. Only God’s mercy that I lean on every day got me through that period. I could only lean on God. I realized that you can’t change someone else. I never thought it would happen, but it happened. My parents have been happily married for fifty years. I was self employed at the time. I just packed up and moved to Dallas. I went to a Friday night deliverance ministry.  I was so touched, I started being part of that ministry. My business went down to nothing. I realized that God had to break me to make me. Watching people go through deliverance – that’s where God showed me the first five keys found in my book.  I really believe that my divorce was the catalyst where God could get me to the place where I completely relied on God. I knew that my life was not my own. He changed my career and my relationship with Him. My upbringing was Catholicism. I never had a “relationship” with God. I figured out that I was in religion but I was not in relationship. Now I have this personal relationship.”

What inspired Melissa? She replied “To help people. At the core, I’m a teacher– but a motivator. To see that light come on. To help them get the victory, to get through captivity and get to the finish line. Unlocking them, through those five keys, until they are living their destiny. That inspires me!”

When asked what “message” would she want shared by her life, Melissa reflected, “I grew up in a religion, that was my foundation. I was rooted in fear and intimidation. I didn’t understand that God is love. Just knew “that Jesus” on the crucifix. I actually thought that I caused his murder. God had to come in and jackhammer my foundation and I started to develop a personal relationship with Christ. You have to know who you are in Him; until then, there’s always an imbalance and you don’t feel comfortable. We ask “Why am I here, what am I here to do? What is my mission statement?” There have been those aimlessly looking around at age forty until they find their mission. Once they find it, they are so content and thriving– instead of surviving. Money just makes you more of who you are. I had an MBA in banking – at age 24, I was a branch manager. Money magnifies who you are as a person. What the world calls a success does not make you successful. The Market collapsed while I was in Dallas. I lost it all! I had everything then lost everything and realized this: God is the source and everything else is the resource He chooses to use.”

She continued.”I train horses. When you break a horse, you don’t break their spirit. You just train them to listen to your cues. That’s what God does. You have to listen to His cues. God was making me stand still like a horse. It was like training a horse for a crowd. You just can’t just turn them loose. The horse must be listening to what I tell them. It’s the same way with God. God says to stop bucking. Hobble them, tie them up; make them go in circles until you wear them down. Submission and obedience is the highest form of warfare. Better be ready to move when He says move. Submit to the handler, like a horse submits. Listen for His cues – Know His voice – Submit to His instruction!”

As we concluded our conversation, I asked Melissa what she would want placed on her gravestone to sum up her life. She responded passionately “She was a friend of God!”

After hearing her determination, sensing her drive, witnessing her dedication, I have to admit, I was motivated. Melissa’s desire to love God, listen to His voice, follow His instruction, listen for His cues – exhibited the keys to unlocking a truly rewarding relationship with Christ. I was moved by her analogy of training horses. She reminded me to be sensitive to His voice, listen for His cues, slow myself down and “wait on God”– and not have Him wait on me! A valuable Lesson for us all!

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4 Comments on “Author of the Month: Melissa Weathersby

  1. I have read “Are you Arresting Your Blessing…”. For me the book is an encourager and teacher and friend. The author encourages and teaches you while talking to you as your best friend. Being real and all about the Lord’s word. Using Bible scripture and life examples it is a real winner and helps get you on the right path. The perfect CHRIST mas present for friends and family.

  2. Melissa book, “Are You Arresting Your Blessings? Are You Waiting On God or Is God Waiting On You?” gives great biblical insight on how to attain the blessings that God has for those who love Him! These are known as “Kingdom Blessings” and they only come when you are in a relationship with the Lord and are doing His will! Melissa identifies keys to avoid arresting the blessings that God has in store for those who love Him and again; “DO HIS WILL!”

  3. Ms. Weathersby’s book is anointed, as is she. This book doesn’t read as a simple or prescriptive “how-to” guide. It’s rooted in Biblical principles that will help transform and deepen your walk in obedience and faithfulness so that you are ready to unleash the blessings that God has in store for you.

    I’ve told all my friends about this book. Thank you for writing it, Ms. Weathersby. I can’t wait to see what’s next for you.

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