A Thanksgiving message for each of our authors and all those who are part of our Xulon Press family

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As I approach the Thanksgiving holiday later this week, I wanted to share a special message with each one of our authors and those who are part of our Xulon family. We really appreciate everyone who has made Xulon part of their life by choosing to publish their Christian book with Xulon Press. I know that we don’t always get the opportunity to express how thankful we are, but I wanted to say thank you on behalf of the Xulon staff. We don’t take your choice for granted and there is never a week that we don’t thank God for you and actually pray for you.

I would like each of you to know that your stories, your passion for your message and your love for God and His son, has had a wonderful impact on each of us. I cant tell you the times that I have seen one of the members of our sales team get off of their phone to come into my office to share something that you said to them that impacted their day. There have actually been times when someone couldn’t even finish what they wanted to share because they were so overwhelmed with emotion. From your testimonies to your prayer request, from your teachings to your heart for God, each time you have shared part of your heart with us, we have been impacted. Xulon is a wonderful place to work at and each of you are part of the reason that is true.

Happy Thanksgiving from Xulon Press

As you celebrate this week with your family and friends, I pray that you will have the most wonderful time of thanksgiving as you reflect upon all the good things that God has done in your life. Even if this has been a hard year, look for those things that you can be thankful for. I am reminded of the story in Luke 17  where Jesus healed the 10 lepers but only one of them returned to thank him. The story points out even without a lot of commentary that it is important to God that we are thankful. Here are some thoughts that I have for each of us to not only be more thankful but really express it this Thanksgiving.

  • Find one thing from this past year that you are most thankful for and just dwell on that one thing, allowing yourself to really reflect upon and become even more thankful for whatever it is. Let that thankfulness for that one significant event overflow from a trickle to a full flowing expression of thanksgiving. In doing this you will find how thankfulness can change your view and appreciation of everything.
  • If you are visiting your parents for the Thanksgiving holiday, stop and buy your mother or mother-n-law flowers before you go. One simple act of kindness like giving a $12 arrangement of flowers can express through your thoughtfulness that you are thankful for her.
  • Begin to keep a journal and record what you are thankful for. As authors you know the power of writing something down. From time to time you should take out your journal and read the things that you have expressed thankfulness for in the past. As you learn to recognize what you are thankful for, it will become easier to live a life of thanksgiving.
  • Tell people “Thank You” whenever they do something that positively impacts or serves your life. Even if you see a someone else do a good dead for someone other than you, you can still recognize that good dead and thank the person for being kind.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 — “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Thank You for all that you have done to honor God and touch others with your writing.


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Donald Newman, Director of Sales for Xulon Press, has over 20 years experience working with Christian authors and editors. As a Pastor for that same time, Don truly believes that every Christian book has the ability to minister to each one who reads it. "You just never know what a book can do. One book can change thousands of lives and other times we see where one book can change one life that changes thousands of lives. Just look at the many books that have touched more than one generation. Nothing has the ability of touching many generations for God like a well written Christian book." Don leads and manages the sales team at Xulon with this one thought in mind..."Books change lives everyday". At Xulon Press we are in the business of changing lives, one book at a time.

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  1. avatar Christie Loney says:

    Hi from snowy Kodiak, Alaska,
    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you at Xulon Press and special thanks for this wonderful article. I am reminded of my very first Thanksgiving here in U.S.A. Our grandson, Josiah, was over today, helping his Grandpop shovel snow, and then he came in and sat at the counter chatting, as I baked pies for tomorrow. I began to tell him how the American Thanksgiving is different from when I was growing up in the UK and Australia. Our celebration was a time of bringing the first fruits from our gardens and fields to the local church. The sanctuary was filled with sheaves of corn and barley, vegetables and all kinds of fruit filled baskets. Home-made jams and jellies, bread and cakes were placed at the altar and on the window ledges around the church. Women brought their prize roses and other flowers. Each person as they arrived for the service, brought their very best “first fruits.” When all were gathered the service began, and we sang “harvest” hymns, had special readings from scriptures, and an inspiring sermon about the meaning of Harvest Thanksgiving. The church was filled with the fragrance of fields and forest. Following the worship service, much of the food was taken to shut-ins and people in need in the community.
    I don’t recall any “feasting” it was dinner time as usual, but with a heart full of praise for all the wonder of “first fruit” harvest thanksgiving.
    My first Thanksgiving here in America was spent in the Denver Presbyterian Hospital, having our first child, Andrew. On Thanksgiving day, a tray was brought to my room with a most delicious turkey dinner, and all the usual traditional American trimmings. It was very new to me, being an alien resident from abroad. Beside the plate was a card with five tiny grains of corn attached with sticky tape. The card told the story of the First Thanksgiving. I learned the history of this special American holiday that 21st November, 1961, as I sat in bed eating turkey and stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, and pumpkin pie.
    “Governor Bradford proclaimed a harvest festival of three days, to begin with a religious service to be conducted by Elder Brewster, the Pastor. The Elder had the tables set as for a feast, but when the people came they found five grains of corn at each plate, just five grains of parched field corn. The colonists all remembered immediately the famine and sickness that threatened their extinction the winter previous. They all seated themselves at the table and the Elder spoke to them about the meaning of the five grains of corn. He asked each one to eat his five grains of parched corn in meditation…he suggested that the difference between the five grains of corn, symbols of want, and the bounteous feast they were to enjoy on the morrow, that difference was to be credited wholly to the goodness of a kind Providence.”
    The first winter, food supplies became very scarce, and by the end of the winter each person was given a ration of five grains of field corn for each meal. They had a little meat from wild game they captured, but the field corn was the only bread stuff available.
    For many years Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving in this way, with five grains of corn at their plates. But, like many such customs, it has been forgotten by most of the Pilgrim descendants. In fact, I wonder if people today even know this story.
    However, since my first Thanksgiving celebration, my husband and I always have five grains of corn at each plate, and prior to having our celebration dinner, we invite each family member, and guest, to share five things for which they are thankful. It is a very special time of sharing together. Then we pray, and thank our heavenly Father for all the many blessings He has given us this past year. “O taste and see that the Lord is good, and His loving kindness endureth forever, even to all generations.”

  2. avatar Andrew Ritchie says:

    When I reflect on the year, I am so thankful to God, for the changes He has done in this life. A year ago I could never imagine that I would be a publisher author, with my first book signing looming in the beginning of 2013. When God had me write this book, it became very personal as I deeply explored my spirituality. When God brought me to Xulon Press, I had no idea of where it would lead. From the first contact with Xulon I felt part of the family. Sylvia made me feel so welcome and was so helpful. During the writing process I would call to give her an update and many times it was difficult to hold back the emotions, but Sylvia gave me a shoulder to cry on. I am so thankful for Xulon Press. I pray that each member of the Xulon family has a safe and happy Thanksgiving
    May the Lord Bless you and lift your heart unto Him

  3. avatar Barbara L. Vanderstel says:

    My eyes have sprung a leak. What a wonderful Thanksgiving message Don. I was so touched to see other authors take the time to respond to your message.

    As you know our Thanksgiving celebration is in October in Canada. The first Thanksgiving day I can recall is a very special time when our Grandma & Grandpa asked Mum and Dad if they could drop by and pick us up and take us to a Thanksgiving service at the little old country Church, where our Mum & Dad got married.
    What a thrill going down that rough country road trying to imagine what going to a Church would be like.
    Our eyes were big as saucers as we saw all these cars and trucks and people hauling boxes and boxes of things into the little Church.
    Everybody was excited and talking, a mile a minute, and just plain happy to see one another after the harvest was in, my sisters and I only knew our Aunt and Uncle besides our Grand-parents.
    A little scared, but mostly excited, we quietly entered into the doors of the Church where we were greeted and welcomed by the Pastor.
    We watched as neighbor after neighbor went up to the front of the Church and dug out new potatoes and carrots and squash and watermelon. Tomatoes and jams and jellies, made with love, in quart and pint size seelers as They were so happy to be laying this on the straw stage, it was new to us. We had no idea it was called an alter.
    Later the service started and the singing started and we just stood on the pews and clapped loudly. Everybody was looking at us so Grandma said we should sit down please and be quiet.
    It was wonderful and a real learning experience. It stuck in our minds, however we never got to go to Church again until we were adults and made our own decisions. I was baptized in the Killarney Lake on July 29, 1996 after giving my life to The Lord in March 1996.
    Back to reality…I want to say Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone at Xulon. I am so happy to be one of the Christian authors, and part of your team. Phil 4:13. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”

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