A Special Message from Acquisitions Director Don Newman

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If you’d like to get more information about publishing with Xulon Press, reach out to us at 1-866-381-2665. We’d love to hear more about your story!


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Donald Newman, Director of Sales for Xulon Press, has over 20 years experience working with Christian authors and editors. As a Pastor for that same time, Don truly believes that every Christian book has the ability to minister to each one who reads it. "You just never know what a book can do. One book can change thousands of lives and other times we see where one book can change one life that changes thousands of lives. Just look at the many books that have touched more than one generation. Nothing has the ability of touching many generations for God like a well written Christian book." Don leads and manages the sales team at Xulon with this one thought in mind..."Books change lives everyday". At Xulon Press we are in the business of changing lives, one book at a time.

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  1. avatar M. King says:

    I enjoy writing. I believe I hear a still voice of the Lord in my spirit to write since I was in my youth, I’m just not sure the audience I may have in mind is the one to target…

    I’m hoping that this book will reach the shelves of Christian schools and other doors as fun reading and maybe a witnessing tool that children are to be respected and are important too.

    • M. King, I will be praying for you this week, that God would direct you to your audience. Reach out to your consultant sometime in the near future and ask them if they can help provide that direction.

  2. avatar Ruben says:

    I find your video interesting, it speaks of a great truth. One that I live today.

  3. avatar Rebecca D. Rodriguez says:

    Thank you for your many email letters of encouragement and information. My station in life is complicated and has not given me the liberty to get into other avenues of life, writing books being one of them. I would like to talk with you concerning a direction I might could take to begin the unraveling in my station in life and begin this avenue of writing. My heart intent for writing is not for fame but rather for getting out what the Lord has showed me concerning our physical life outside of Christ vs. our life in Christ. The attending to that position in Christ in order to discover our individual, precise and explicit design as to who we are in Christ. I look forward to talking with you. I will call you at the above stated number. Thank you.

  4. avatar Talulah Ruger says:

    Thank you for this message. I read most of the email that you send out. I needed to hear what you said.

    • Talulah, Thank you for your reply. I am glad that the emails have encouraged you. Its my sincere prayer that I can help people accomplish the things that God has placed on their heart. I will be praying for you this week.

  5. avatar Frank Granzeier says:

    Yes. I’m hoping.

    Frank Granzeier

  6. avatar Julia Maddox says:

    Sean Book. The Price He Paid is published
    By Authorhouse, Author Sean Maddox
    Want to see it in the Hands of readers.

  7. avatar Rita Smith says:

    Awesome! I know I need to step out on faith and I have been dragging my feet, but you just showed me the words I speak has been holding me back. Fixed income has held me back from prospering. That just blows me away! I can’t believe how I let fear creep n and over take me in such a way but I will arise and speak my life into existence the right way. Thank you so much for showing me the error of my ways.

  8. avatar Duane Gantt says:

    Thank You Don Newman

    I needed to hear your encouraging message and I am getting on top of redeveloping my manuscript and moving forward after wasted years,tears and fears.

    • Duane, I will be praying for you this week. My wife’s book was actually in a drawer for years, after being rejected by a traditional company. It wasn’t rejected because it was not good, it was rejected because they were not publishing books like hers at that time. Even knowing that, the natural discouragement that can come from something like that, ended her attempt of getting it published. It was later that God brought it out of the drawer and into becoming a published book. It has touched many lives since it was published a few years ago. Stay at it Duane, it will be worth it in the end!

  9. avatar Olagboye olakunle akinyemi says:

    I love your message sir keep more you shall blessed in Jesus name

  10. avatar Denise DeMeo says:

    Hi, Don,
    I’m a Children’s Pastor and Have always had that inner voice (and my husband) saying I need to write a book about this or that but now I have people in my life encouraging me, too. I’m finally approaching a season that I am researching what are the steps. I appreciated your message. Thanks, brother, for the encouragement.
    Bless you for your calling and insight.

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