Portrait of Poet: Xulon Press Presents Heather Mavis Owen

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Poetry is a feat not many can achieve. Only a true wordsmith is able to string together multiple lines of rhyming ends that read like a rhythmic melody in the reader’s ear. Writing poetry takes due diligence and patience because one must wait for the perfect words to come to mind, which is why, for centuries, poetry has been one of the most respected styles of writing.

Our editorial team couldn’t let National Poetry Month pass without highlighting Heather Mavis Owen’s poem, Black Mountain Choir of Wales, in which the poet uses the Aberfan Disaster of 1966 as her inspiration for the poem.

Xulon Press celebrates National Poetry Month


From rugged hills and verdant glen, this dedicated choir

Brings melody and harmony that meet the heart’s desire.

When tenor voices soar above, with all their manly might,

We feel the strength of mountain climbs, the awe of Snowdon’s  height.

Their Songs reflect the beauty of the land from which they come,

With softness, sensibility and sound second to none.


The baritones and bass go deep with rhythm and with rhymes,

They take us to the depths beneath, deep navigation mines.

We hear the tender pathos of the mother’s who have lost

Their children ‘neath the fallen slag, (We’ll never know the cost!)


A harpist and a Soloist named Leinor Daniel

With graceful style and winning smile can play the harp so well.

Her voice rings out with clarity, her diction is superb.

When singing Welsh or English, we can understand each word.

SING ON Black Mountain Choir of Wales

And keep our Flag unfurled.


Aberfan Disaster 1966. A mountain of Slag slid down, burying a school full of children and teachers. 



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