From the Desk of the Sales Director: A Letter From One Pastor to Another

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Pastor AppreciationEvery October we observe Pastor Appreciation Month, a time we dedicate to recognizing and honoring the men and women who serve God. It’s an important time to give back to those who give their all for the cause of Christ and His Kingdom. Pastors deserve our thanks and encouragement, because no other occupation goes through both the struggles of this world and the struggles of an unseen world like ministry. I know this struggle myself because I have been a pastor for over 20 years, and I was a church planter before I came to work at Xulon Press. Nothing touched my heart more than a “thank you” by someone from my congregation.

With my experience in ministry and church planting, there is nothing I enjoy more than serving others who are called to ministry. I love pastors, and I love helping them accomplish their calling and extend their message to a larger audience. Through the publication of a book, we extend the heart and message of the leader—not only to their congregation, but also to others throughout the world. If that wasn’t enough, we also extend their message to multiple generations, as their books live on well after they have left this world and entered into glory. In my heart, I can see pastors in Heaven being told that someone came to Christ because of the book they paid to price to write and publish. I have no doubt this is true, because God has used many books from authors who have passed away to stir my own life. I once read a book that changed my entire ministry and marriage, and the book was written in 1911! I believe in what we do at Xulon because it has more than a current impact…it has an eternal impact.

As the Director of Sales at Xulon Press, I have the incredible honor of leading amazing people. At times, I sense the hand of God just as much as when I was pastoring a church. Yes, we are a business, but we are so much more than that! We truly believe we are working to support the Kingdom, one book at a time. However, each book has a beginning, and that beginning is the man or woman of God who takes the unspoken words from within their heart and moves them into a written manuscript for others to read. We may publish books, but what we really do is focus on people; people who feel that God has called them to write. This month, we want to get to know as many of you as possible, and find the best way that we can serve you as you serve Him.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader, we’re praying for you this month, and I am asking God to encourage you—and also to use you in 2014 in a way that He’s never done before. We appreciate you and we want to thank you for serving God and His Church.




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Donald Newman, Director of Sales for Xulon Press, has over 20 years experience working with Christian authors and editors. As a Pastor for that same time, Don truly believes that every Christian book has the ability to minister to each one who reads it. "You just never know what a book can do. One book can change thousands of lives and other times we see where one book can change one life that changes thousands of lives. Just look at the many books that have touched more than one generation. Nothing has the ability of touching many generations for God like a well written Christian book." Don leads and manages the sales team at Xulon with this one thought in mind..."Books change lives everyday". At Xulon Press we are in the business of changing lives, one book at a time.

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  1. As a pastor’s wife retired, I am thankful for the opportunity to put on paper/e-book the words which will be read by others. I take it as a holy charge and pray to God each time I write that He will direct. “Jennifer’s Journey” told the story of an abused woman, and “Jennifer’s Healing” showed her walk out of pain into trusting God through the encouragement of believers who loved her. Thank you, Xulon, for putting these in print to touch lives! God bless you!

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