Xulon Press author Dr. Deborah Starczewski interviewed on “Atlanta Live” about her book

A Leap of Faith – 25 Days at the Mercy Seat

Dr. Deborah Starczewski

A Leap of Faith, Dr. Deborah StarczewskiI believe God delights in taking ordinary people and giving them extraordinary testimonies of great faith and God’s power. God captured my soul many years ago and I have witnessed His power, unfailing love, and miraculous intervention in the lives of people who have been set free, healed and delivered. Take a leap of faith and dare to believe God—as He is still doing miracles. Learn to hope again and put your trust in the Blessed Hope—Jesus Christ.

With the economic crisis, rumors of wars, and more people having their hopes and dreams destroyed, tragedy and crisis seems to be the norm. Trials and tribulation are on the increase, hardships have hit America and people are losing hope.

I have good news! Once you read the miracles and divine intervention we experienced at Mercy, you will have hope again for yourself, for your family, circumstances and nation. There is hope in God. Learn to operate in God’s wisdom and time tested principles that bring resurrection power. God brought heaven to earth at Mercy—for an ordinary man in extraordinary ways.

Learn to tap into the power of God through living by faith! Dare to believe and hope again. It’s time to take a leap of faith.

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  1. avatar Barbara L . VANDERSTEL says:

    What a woman of God. Trust in The Lord always and He will direct your path. I love hearing about the miracles in her husband’s life. God healed my eyes in 1996. Before that I was wearing glasses since high school. God also healed our grand-daughter. When she was born the Dr told my daughter it looked hopeless however God had a different plan and she turned 8 on Jan 8th 2013 Praise God!

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