Book Endorsement vs. Book Review

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A book endorsement is an advanced positive review for your book, usually from someone influential to your new book’s audience. It’s common to see endorse...

Book Endorsements

A book endorsement is an advanced, positive review for your book, usually from someone influential to your new book’s audience. Normally, you want to secure endorsements before the release of your book. It’s common to see endorsements on the…

  • Front or back cover of your book.
  • Inside the book in the front pages.
  • Your website.
  • Marketing materials.

Book Reviews

Endorsements exist to support the author’s book marketing. Reviews, on the other hand, are designed to help readers decide which books to read. Of course, you can always pull positive excerpts from reviews to use in the same way you use endorsements.

Book reviews come in two forms: literary reviews and reader reviews.

Literary reviews are written by professional book reviewers. Their job is to provide objective commentary that will help people decide if they want to read the book. They can come from publications, magazines, newspapers, and certain blogs and websites. Most authors are familiar with the other type, reader reviews—reviews from the readers you wrote the book for. 

Honest reviews often contain more information than endorsements, so they can be more useful to readers. Even negative reviews are important, what one reader didn’t like about your book might be exactly what another reader is looking for.

Soliciting reviews should be a never-ending process– it gives your book credibility and reassures the readers the book will deliver on its promise. Make sure you’ve got strategies for soliciting both endorsements and reviews in your book marketing plan. They’re essential to your book’s long-term and ongoing success.

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