Video: Author Dana Rosser Talks TED, The Dr. Oz Show, and Xulon Press!

Xulon Press sat down with author Dana Rosser and her husband, world-renowned surgeon Dr. Butch Rosser. We chatted about her upcoming TEDTalk on March 17th, her appearance on the Dr. Oz Show, and her new book “Thru Thick and Thin: Facing Obesity Thru the Eyes of a Loved One.”

If you’d like to find out more about Dana Rosser, you can pick up her book or sign up for her weekly email titled “The Weight Is Over” at


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  1. The interview was very informative and encouraging. Thank you for being obedient to God and writing this book. Many will benefit and learn to face this societal issue that affect so many families. Blessings

  2. Brittnee is an excellent host reporter and very professional. Dana Rosser and her husband were very relaxed and excepted prompting like a good conversation with Brittnee to reveal the subject in a pleasant atmosphere. This made the audience want to hear every word to learn more about what was being discussed. My conversations with Brittnee regarding my book also made it easy to understand her regarding the subject we were talking about. Should I be interviewed, Brittnee would be my choice to have as my interviewer.
    Ken Shores my book is “IS THERE A GOD? HOW DO YOU KNOW? website

  3. avatar Zelda Murphy says:

    That interview was So Encouraging in So many ways! Thankyou for sharing and giving authors an opportunity to share their experiences with the public! Awesome! This also lights a fire if confidence within other authors who may or may not have written a book and heard about her struggle to get moving and how she was motivated to finish and of course knowing that xulonpress boldly Declares their stand in the faith of the Lord is one of the big Blessings that stands out for me! May this company continuously experience Favor as you continuously give it out! Blessings to all, Zelda Murphy

  4. avatar James E Goering says:

    I have written a book entitled: The Victorious Job. I am about running out of books that Xulon published, but before ordering, I am interested in adding another chapter or have an appendix. I would like to know the cost and the possibility of adding such a section in the book already printed. Thanks!

  5. avatar Maurica Chablal says:

    I will like to contact Dana

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