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Xulon Press Author Ann AultXulon Press author Ann Ault, who composed the book Hi from the Sky recounts her recent exciting experience with getting her book published at Xulon Press. In this brief  interview below, she dictates her enthusiasm for many insightful marketing tips, enlightening editorial suggestions and the amazing customer service she received. She also discusses many unique themes included in her book and provides readers with memorable pearls of wisdom.

1) Could you introduce yourself to our audience today?

My name is Ann Ault — Air Force brat and shy little girl called “fatty four-eyes” by other kids. I had a miraculous metamorphosis and a remarkable show business career doing theater, including 300 TV commercials, movies and radio (including voices for “Adventures in Odyssey.”)  In 1974, I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ, shared in my book about the odyssey of my rescue from the kingdom of darkness to God’s Kingdom of light!

2) What is the title and overview of the book you published with Xulon Press?

Hi from the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After. In this book, I emphasize that the Kingdom of God is the Kingdom of believe–not make believe!  Like every good fairy tale, earth-life is fraught with heroes, heroines, dragons, potholes and pitfalls! I share my Hi from the Sky heavenly downloads from the Creator of all things.  I have had enchanting interactions, both great and small, with the King of happily ever after.  I share my stories, painfully acquired insights, pithy sayings, poems and scriptures in an effort to make the invisible God more visible!

3) What is the overall theme you’d like readers to takeaway from your book?

I want people to celebrate the life they have been given and to know that there is a very real God who loves them and delights to communicate with whosoever will call on Him in spirit and in truth. He is an equal opportunity Creator.  I pray that child hearts will be refreshed as the invisible Divine Guide becomes more visible on their journey to the land of happily ever after!

Xulon Press Author Ann Ault - Hi from the Sky4) Could you give a brief explanation on your inspiration for the book?

This book has been percolating in my heart for  a long time,  but I truly believe that the Lord moved me from Burbank, CA to Charlotte, NC in December of 2010 just to write this book.  It took awhile to get adjusted, but in the winter of 2011, I woke up one night and felt the Lord say that now was the time.  As I plowed through the emotional quicksand of self-doubts, the Lord gave me a dream about a little lamb.  It was so real and I felt He told me to simply offer what I could to “feed His lambs.”  It’s a miracle that I stuck with it, but it has been an awesome adventure. I pray it will encourage, inspire and convict!

5) So how did you hear about Xulon Press?

Another writer recommended Xulon to me while I was considering  another publishing company. I am so glad I listened and went with Xulon!

6) Has this been your first experience in self-publishing? If not, please explain your previous experience.

In 2000, I wrote another book, a spiritual adventure in weight loss called, 40 Days to Freedom. I started writing my 40 Days book, got someone to edit the book, someone offered to do a cover, another person recommended a small company to print it out, etc.

7) Overall, how satisfied are you with your experience in getting you book published with our company?

I cannot tell you how blessed I am with Xulon. I never could have had the strength to do all that is required. I had specific help every inch of the way.  These were unchartered waters for me and I was so grateful for the answers to the countless questions I had on my journey.  I felt so buoyed up by helpful people who patiently led the way.

8) How helpful were the editorial comments in strengthening your manuscript? Were you satisfied with the result of your edit?

Actually, I didn’t have a thorough edit, but I was immensely satisfied with the suggestions; they made such a difference.  I was already being extremely thorough in the writing and punctuation, but the overall suggestions were wonderful and really helped to make it more readable. Plus, the comments were very encouraging and that really helps!

9) How helpful did you find the marketing tips for gaining more audience members for your book?

My head is spinning from all the tips, but I need input, so I am grateful for every suggestion I have gotten.  This is a real learning curve and I’m determined to do my homework.  Plus, Terry told me that some of the ideas I was implementing put me ahead of the game, so that was encouraging, as was his forty page marketing suggestions!

10) Would you recommend Xulon Press to friends and family members who are interested in having their books published?

ABSOLUTELY!  I already have. My younger brother and his wife have a story to tell and another friend in California is writing a book.  I just told her she should use Xulon!

11) Did our representatives seem personable, supportive and professional?

They were all of that and more!

12) Did the author representatives seem knowledgeable and answer your questions in a timely manner?

Considering the workload I know they are experiencing, they did beautifully!

13) Which Xulon employee or employees most leaves an impression on you and why?

Cari Caryl was wonderful in explaining at the very beginning.  Karla Kastellon was the one MOST tested by my non-stop questions and she did very well.  Jason Fletcher is great as is Terry Haines and Gina Fleming.

14) How happy were you with the packages and services you purchased? Did the prices seem fair?

The initial $2800 was quite fair!  Karla alone earned my thanks and her salary by answering so many inquiries, but it really helped to have someone to talk to when you don’t have a clue–which I didn’t!  The editorial review was helpful, as well and I got a special on the book order, which I loved. And then to be able to talk with Gina, Jason, Terry etc. afterwards was so great, too.  I really appreciate the personalized attention!

15) Is there anything you feel Xulon Press could improve on to make you feel more comfortable  in terms of customer service, editorial, sales or marketing?

I seem to be the type that needs more verbal than written instruction. I think it would have been more helpful at the very beginning to have laid out for me a clear-cut description of what the process would be.  Ironically, Jason Fletcher told me (after months of working on the book with Karla) a rundown of who did what and who to go to for certain things.  I know there is value in not giving too much away all at once.  There were also times where I would get a spotty overview of who did what (maybe I was given that at the beginning and just didn’t hear it or read it).  Somehow, I didn’t have a real sense of that, so there were many times I called Karla with a little panic about this or that, which might have been avoided.  It is most definitely a complex process.

Also, at the end, it seems everything comes at the same time in some ways.  It might be helpful to let people know marketing ideas sooner. It was an adventure and a learning curve and I am very satisfied with the process, regardless of a few tense moments, which there always will be!

16) Describe your overall experience with Xulon Press in three words.

Joyful, grateful satisfaction!

17) What is a final message about your book or your life philosophy that can deeply inspire readers of this blog?

“Your life is an occasion … rise to it!” (from movie, “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”)  Zephaniah 3:17 says, “The Lord your God is in your midst.  A victorious warrior He will exult over you with joy, He will be quiet in His love, He will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.”

I PRAY that we can understand that the God of LOVE loves us with an everlasting love. He DELIGHTS in us, our Holy Papa!  He has promised to never leave or forsake those who are His. May the invisible God be more visible in your life; may we seek Him and become co-laborers with Him in these troubled times and reach out to others who need Him. Jesus Christ is the ROCK in rocky times!

Find Ann Ault’s book “Hi from the Sky: On the Road to Happily Ever After” in the Xulon Press Bookstore.


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Krystina Murray is a Staff Editor at Xulon Press with over six years of editing experience. When she isn't helping writers improve their manuscripts, she devotes her time to crafting poetry and short stories, maintains an exciting food blog and completes copy writing advertisements for small businesses.

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  1. avatar Dina Rolle says:

    My overall experience at Xulon Press was phenomenal. My care team-Gina Fleming, Jason Fletcher and Terry Haines, along with the rest of the Xulon team demonstrated excellent performances.

    Any concerns I had or minor problems encountered along the journey was dealt with in a timely manner. The response of the care team was not only professional, but very caring and supportive of my entire book journey.

    Xulon Press is like family to me. I love these guys. I look forward to publishing many more books with them in the future. I will definitely recommend them to any aspiring authors or authors in the market of changing their publishers.

    Once again, thank you Xulon Press for capturing my vision and showcasing it to the world.

    Many Blessing!

    Dina Rolle
    Adversities & Triumphs In the Midst of it All

    • Hello Dina! Thank you for reading this post. Here at Xulon, we take pride in helping our authors inspire readers and change lives through their books. We are ecstatic to learn of your positive experiences in customer service with our company and look forward to working with you and your friends in the future.

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