Video: Author Ginger Sanders Talks About Disaster Ministry and Her Experience At Sandy Hook Elementary

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Our country has been rocked in recent years by some catastrophic events: amongst them, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary and the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado. Author Ginger Sanders was there for both of those events as part of the Billy Graham Rapid Response Team. Her first book with Xulon Press, He Goes Before Us, is a collection of thirty-one incredible stories from her time ministering to people after natural disasters and catastrophic events.

Her latest book with Xulon Press is the soon-to-be-released Fireflies: Sharing God’s Light in the Time of Loss, an exquisitely illustrated children’s book that addresses the issues of death and loss with a much-needed does of hope and healing.

Check out her story and thoughts on the writing process in the video above!

If you’d like to get more information about publishing with Xulon Press, reach out to us at 1-866-381-2665. We’d love to hear more about your story!

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  1. I am a business administrator and as one I do beleive in focusing on your dreams and goals. But I do beleive in using the type of public buyers for the type of book required. In my country the people are not frequent readers, nor nutritional consumers. orever there are those who are health concious and found the value of eating a balance meal. But because of the country tradition in consuming the basic food as a daily meal, I find myself trying to develop recipe that will called there attention.

    I will not give up. But just need a time to get my writings together, and i will get back to you as soon as i get some contributers, whom iknow will be willing to help me launchout my two book.

  2. I enjoyed the video. Ginger Sanders, what you are doing is inspiring. That’s the kind of life I want to live, impacting people’s lives for God’s glory. May the Lord bless your ministry richly. I earnestly look forward too to publishing with Xulon Press, a great publishing company doing great work for a great God. God bless you

    • Thank you Victor. May God bless you and speak to your heart. He will use you where you are and may you step out and see Him. I have said a prayer for you. God bless you … Ginger

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