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Today’s Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight features Coach Brady Hammond, www.coachhammond.com, the youngest author we have ever had the pleasure to interview. Coach Hammond’s book “Heaven On The Hardwood” is a book that was written as a tribute for his father. What began as a Father’s Day gift, never intended for publication, has grown into a ministry- with Brady speaking at church events and also at book signings. Brady will be the first one to admit—he never expected any of this when he wrote his “Thank You for Being a Great Father” collection of thoughts for his Dad. I can speak for all who have sons and say—here is an example of a grateful son who wanted to just stop and say “Thanks”. I for one would be touched by this honest and heartwarming tribute if it would have come from my son.
Xulon Press author Brady Hammond
Brady Hammond is the youngest Coach to go straight from college into a coaching position for the Liberty High School Blue Jays, Liberty, MO.  You only have to speak to him for a few minutes to know- he loves his basketball! He talks about how he played his whole life. You can sense his passion for the game. When he speaks of basketball, the listener can hear the game being played while Coach Hammond describes his team, their plays and how the “game” gave him life lessons he has chosen to share with his team, his church and anyone who will invite him to speak.

When I asked Coach “What is your vision for telling this story?” he responded: “This book is geared toward young people. I want them to pursue their passion, whatever it is! You’ve been given a gift, so pass it on. I wanted to write about God’s purpose in my life. My vision is to touch others with the message that they should let their passion be alive. Whatever you apply yourself to: be passionate. Passion is the key to a rewarding life.”

Here is a twenty-something young man just starting out in life, and I wondered?

“What inspires you?” He answered quickly, without hesitation. “God’s purpose in my life. Kids say it doesn’t matter. But I feel that it does matter. I do everything 100%. It matters. It’s worth it. The purpose that comes from God matters. To not sit on the sideline, but to get out there and do something. I’m not perfect, but I am passionate. Life does matter and it does matter that we live a life of purpose!”

Here is a man who is devoted to his relationship with Christ, working with teenagers, living an example they can follow while staying hungry for God’s purpose in his life.

“What scripture is your favorite and why?”

Brady immediately responded: “2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love and of a sound mind! Power. Love. Self discipline. Not being afraid– God has given us power on this earth. Be passionate and not afraid. That’s the key to successful living in Christ!”

Such sage advice from someone so young—it was inspirational.

I was compelled to probe a little deeper.

I asked Brady, “What one past experience changed the course of your life?”

This answer took Coach Hammond a few minutes because he was surveying the course of his life.

“It happened in college, and it may have been a bad thing, but I learned that God will pick you up when you are down. My identity was always basketball; I struggled to find an identity outside of basketball. I started partying. God hit me hard when I realized I was letting my family down– and I needed to change. He did it pretty powerfully. I’m the eldest, with four younger brothers. I was coaching my little brother’s team at the time. God convicted me to be the example that I needed to be. I started a Christian fraternity with other Christian brothers at school. I found that living for Him is worth living. I found that all of the other desires were unfulfilling. I now don’t worry what others think of me. I am confident in God and how He views me. I felt led to start a Christian fraternity called “Brothers Under Christ.” It is now a National Fraternity.  Nine founding fathers started the fraternity. Now my little brother is in the fraternity at my college.”

For a young man, I wasn’t sure if he had experienced this yet, but I asked Coach Hammond, “What is the most important life event you have had?”

He responded. “Accepting Jesus in my heart. In 7th grade, I didn’t fully understand the magnitude, but I was saved and changed. In college, I understood more and more what it meant to be a Christian. So many kids just float through life without a goal or a mission. I discovered my purpose and mission in life. It is simple: To be a teacher and a coach. I am supposed to share my message with others. In college, I discovered that. Your relationship is about serving others.”

I have to admit—this young Coach was wise beyond his years.

I questioned Brady, “What message do you want shared by the story of your life?”

“I found something I love (basketball) and applied it to Christianity. I found out how to use your passions for God and not for yourself. Use your passion for others and for God. Use your passion to show God’s light to others. He gave us gifts for a reason. We can passionately share His love to others through our gifts—and God gets all of the glory!”

Coach Hammond went on to say “The biggest thing is the knowledge that you don’t have to do everything yourself. I am not afraid to be myself or say something to someone. To know that God is in control and you are not. If you fail, it’s okay. All that matters is your relationship with God and knowing that He is always in control. The simplicity of the relationship is the gift of God.”

The simplicity of the relationship is the gift of God? That is a deep thought for a young man.

As I drew our conversation to a close, I asked Coach Brady Hammond, the youngest author I have had the pleasure to interview, my signature question: “What will they write on your gravestone that will sum up your life?”

He said with the utmost passion and enthusiasm of youth and yet sage wisdom of age:

“He lived passionately and lived to help others!”

I can honestly say, I would be honored and proud to have my son coached by Brady Hammond.

I also would love to have seen his Dad’s face on that Father’s Day—

This was a present meant not only as a tribute to a father for a “job well done”, but…

A journey for a son about to share it with the world!

Find Coach Brady Hammond’s book “Heaven on the Hardwood – A Coach’s Journey in Faith & Basketball” in the Xulon Press Bookstore.


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  1. avatar Tommy Hammond says:

    Thanks for such a great article about my son! I’m the “old man” that was recipient of Brady’s father’s day gift! I can tell you, though biased, that this young man never ceases to amaze me! He is so caring about young people and wise beyond his years. God blessed his mother and me with a son that not only is loving and caring for us, but is a leader to his younger brothers and others. His four brothers have always looked up to him . He is a pure joy to the family. He doesn’t realize it, but he was central in the heart of our family as I believe as the oldest son, his leadership, beliefs, and passion influenced his four brothers so much that it helped define their life paths and beliefs as well. All of our sons have grown to be passionate, caring, God loving young men and Brady played a large role in their lives!

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