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Our next installment of the Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight focuses on sports enthusiast Andy Purvis, author of In The Company of Greatness (2010) and Remembered Greatness (2012), who is a walking, talking encyclopedia of sports facts and stories, mostly personal, of sports greats!  You can find out all about Andy’s books on his website www.purvisbooks.com where you can learn a little more about this man.

Andy has written six books, including a biography of his mother Edith Purvis, called Love, Laughter and Cornbread! which was a collection of stories submitted by her friends and family. He also wrote about his father’s life in the book Upon Further Review, which detailed the challenges his dad faced throughout his life. Andy even has the title for his autobiography, when he finds time to pen it, called So far, So Good! which is also what Andy would like written on his gravestone.

Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight, Andy Purvis

His other books, from his first, which was a synopsis of sports news he penned in 1998 which won the illustrator an Addie Award, to his second book Buy Me Some Peanuts (1999) and his series of Greatness books, including the in-the-works third in the series called Greatness Continued, all focus on the love of Andy’s life – Sports! He loves trivia, stories, facts, background stories – all of it, about the Sports Greats of Yesteryear and Today. He has been a sports enthusiast his whole life, from the day he won a ticket to the World’s Fair, including a stay at the New York’s Manhattan Hotel, to the day he met Mickey Mantle and found out little known facts like “Mantle loves apple pie” and “Mantle sleeps with his socks inside out”. Andy has collected all of these facts and compiled them into short stories about his heroes – the Sports Greats of Yesteryear!

When asked what motivated him to write his stories, Andy replied “I’m always looking for the inspirational side of the hero’s life. We all make wrong choices but we find our way back to our faith. We overlook their imperfections; they are there, but I choose to see the good side. What they left, what their inspiration was, why do I want to try to tell their story. No one reports the good stories anymore. To pick up a book with a good news story is what most of us want. I am a southern gentleman. You shouldn’t expect recognition until it is received. Someone gave you the opportunity to do what you do. Being kind is more important than being right. Would you rather be loved or be right?” Andy asks. Anyone reading Andy’s stories can tell, he is kind and he is right – his stories tell the human side of each sports hero showcased—we all know the controversy, but now we learn about the life behind the story – thanks to Andy.

Andy shares his personal writing method by saying “Writing has always been my friend. I am not afraid to sit down and address the piece of paper and leave my thoughts there. The dullest pencil is greater than the sharpest memory. I have met 70% of the heroes I have written about through many means: golf, dinner, chance meeting, even standing in an elevator. When I start to write, I first work on the title! I don’t want the reader to know what the title means- then as they read, they will understand why the title applies. It draws them in!” Like his book title “In The Company of Greatness”, you get the feeling when you speak to Andy, that you too are in that company and are privileged to hear him retell his stories, like a 15 year old who just met his sports hero and cannot wait to tell anyone in hearing distance—Andy exudes the wonderment and sheer enthusiasm of someone in love with sports and all of its players! And as you listen to or read his stories, his joy of the game actually rubs off on you!

Andy could write a book for new authors on how to network. He uses all of his connections to get the word out– he’s written a new book and they should tell someone about it. He is a local radio co-host of a sports call-in program, each Thursday  night with his partner Dennis Quinn where each night’s topic is led by the caller. He also is an elder in his local church with a very supportive congregation. Andy is also a restaurant owner of “Beamer’s Sports Grill”, in Corpus Christi, Texas, where Andy has sold over 300 copies of all six books just by promising a personal autograph from the author. Andy has a network of coaches he has met and worked with over the years, so he sends out emails letting them know when a new book is coming out. Andy also feels that you have to tell your contacts ahead of time so they can provide opportunity to showcase his latest book. He has done this with local newspapers, the local TV stations and his local Barnes and Noble bookstore, which has hosted Andy’s local book signings. Andy really believes that you have to tell those you know about your book or else— how will they know? And if they don’t know – it’s your fault for not telling them!

When asked how his faith is reflected in his life, Andy reflects “I am genuine. A lot of people come to me for advice. I always say “it appears to me that everything that happens in our life is an opportunity to draw closer to God”. Remember that we are loved and we are not alone. We need to tear down the peripheral stuff. The problem becomes smaller and they can see the core and can make the decision for themselves. I am a Christian but also a sinner. I am careful not to judge. We need to always let them know the two saving graces: that they are loved and not alone. If we all knew that – our lives would be better off.”

I have to admit, after spending time with Andy, I was inspired by his attitude toward life, his enthusiasm in his writing and his network plan for his books; but mostly, by his infectious love for the game! Andy is a husband, the grandpa, uncle, brother, friend we all want around. Andy reminds us what it feels like to be… fifteen again and in the company of greatness!


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Alan P. Scaglione is a writer who reflects on the simple contradictions and complexities to living this ”gift from God” called life. He believes that Life is a journey that, with compassion, a little levity and perspective, we help each other get through. His greatest compliment was being told “you draw pictures with your words!” He has devoted his life to “drawing”...in his poetry, his songs, his weekly “Reflections of Life” blog entries, his monthly SAS articles, his short stories and now, his novels! Alan is an everyday guy who refuses to let circumstances dictate his view to life; he lives an attitude of gratitude and spreads his positive outlook everywhere he goes. His BEST day is a day shared making a memory that will last a lifetime! Please check out Alan's books "One Unexpected Event - How Would Your Life Change?" and its sequel “One Unexpected Event - Aftermath!” in the Xulon Press bookstore.

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  1. avatar Andy Purvis says:

    Hi Alan, well done as always. Thanks for all you do. Andy

  2. avatar Jeannie Benson says:

    I enjoyed reading Alan’s comments and remarks about Andy’s books. In his remakrs about Andy, he hit the nail right on the head. I have enjoyed all of Andy’s books and love his magic way with words. When you read many of his sentences, you ask yourself, “how did he do that?” His way with the English language is truely magic. Jeannie

  3. avatar Maria Reeves says:

    I just bought one of your books for Christopher Devenski.

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