The incredible true story of “The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain” [VIDEO]

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We sat down with author Donna Barron to talk about her first book, The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain.

This book tells the incredible true story of her father Roy Faulkner’s pivotal role in the completion of Stone Mountain’s iconic confederate memorial carving in Georgia. She lovingly writes anecdotes of the many challenges her father faced while painstakingly working on this larger-than-life sculpture. In her book, you will also find a wealth of never-before-seen photographs of the memorial during construction.

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  1. avatar Ron Barron says:

    I am so proud of the way this was summarized by my wife for writing the book, “The Man Who Carved Stone Mountain”. It gives a very good perspective of the beginning and all the way to the final completion of the project. I am astonished that the carving will be here for eternity and the name Roy Faulkner will forever go down in history as the “Man Who Carved Stone Mountain” . What a tribute and a blessing!

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