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Sketched by Design, Lon JordanOur Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight is honored to feature entrepreneur, rapper, inspirational/motivational speaker, TV writer/producer, actor, comedian and author Lon Jordan, www.lonjordan.net, who wrote the book “Sketched by Design: Discover Your Unique Design in the 21st Century Marketplace”, a blueprint for the youth of today to understand and apply the principles of God’s plan for their life in their workplace and in everyday life. His book can be applied in the secular world as “unique by design” and also applies in the Christian world as “sketched by design”. In a day when our world is bashing our youth for all of the “wrong” they are displaying by their actions, Lon is a refreshing reminder of the “right” in our youth and their actions that are examples of what God can do with a young heart who is dedicated to the Lord. Lon embodies the desire to use his talents for the one who gave them to him—in whatever capacity and through whatever door God opens! Lon is willing to be used for God’s glory.

A graduate of Southeastern University, in Lakeland, Florida, Lon began his hip-hop rapper career as “B Boy Lon” on that campus, and was even featured with actor Clifton Davis in “Streets of Gold”. He has written articles for the national PTA organization, featured in the PTA’s “Our Children” magazine, and most recently, he pitched the idea for “What’s Real TV” show, in which he produces and stars, that has been picked up and is being broadcast on the TCT Christian Television, Saturday night 10pm.

Part of Lon’s bio in his book says it best:

Sketched by Design” will teach you critical principles and philosophies on how to discover your unique design in the 21st century marketplace. In this book, parents and educators will be empowered to develop their unique design, while pursuing a unified effort in shaping their children’s future. “Sketched by Design” illustrates how to: Gain insight into the 21st century marketplace, Turn your pain into purpose, Effectively communicate with Generation Y, Create an environment where imagination can flourish, Cultivate your student’s unique design, as well as how to leave a legacy that will impact generations to come. Lon Jordan is the CEO of Sketched Publishing, Inc. An organization dedicated to cultivating the unique design of every individual.

He goes on to challenge our youth to “never neglect the gift that is inside of you and never neglect the purpose that is inside of you!” Lon encourages them to “figure out who you are and start walking in your design- start walking in your dream!”

I was inspired just speaking with him.

As we began our conversation, after doing my research and preparing for our discussion, I jumped in with “What is the one experience that changed your life the most?”

Lon was candid and personal, and shared a deep hurt that God healed in his heart.

“My father left me at age five – I was raised with no father – I have a loving mother who raised me with a sense of purpose and accomplishment, but I felt competition with everyone – years later, I reached out to my Dad to let him know that I forgave him—and that started a healing between us and now…my Dad is my best friend!”

He went on to share “Most people don’t get reunited. Dad stopped hanging around when I was about fourteen. Just disappeared—didn’t hear from him for five years. By age nineteen, I was so angry. I went to a forgiveness ministry in our church. I chose to forgive. I called my Dad and asked him to forgive me for the anger I had harbored against him and he asked me to forgive him for deserting him. We started building a friendship. He had a stroke, was in the ICU– I realized life is too short not to forgive. I realized I might lose my father. I realized all that mattered was allowing them to be in your life, no matter what deficiencies they might have. With family, there must be loyalty. We need each other and to have a balance in our life. My Mom created an environment where my imagination could flourish – she helped me write my book and that’s what my show “What’s Real TV” – talks about family!”

As we delved into our conversation, I asked “What one past experience changed the course of your life?” Lon shared “This is a continual thing– making the decision to fight for my dream. Repeatedly, I’ve had to struggle with “is it worth it?” I demand excellence of myself and from those I work with. People were dismissing my dream. And I had to become humble and understand that people don’t understand unique and different. I was arrogant and thought everyone should accept my gifts. I had to learn to communicate my uniqueness in a way that can get people to listen, so they can accept it and not just respect– that’s different. I kept finding a way to be unique. Be true to myself while finding a way for the world to listen. There were seasons when I didn’t have a lot of things going on. It was in the desert season, there was training there that I could get that have to apply to myself.”

I asked him to share his writing method when he starts a project. Lon explained “I started writing speeches after college and then I started my company Sketched by Design. I was getting educational magazines to publish my work. I used the speeches and the articles as chapters. I divvied up my speeches and articles. I wrote out all of the chapters. It was more than a self-help book. I hate that term. I used the “Ten pages per chapter” policy. I tried to keep to that policy. Writing this book was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I spent a lot of time trying to make it very conversational– just trying to introduce a new philosophy of how to be successful being who you are no matter if the circumstances around you do not accept who you are. The uniqueness is the gift that God gave you.”

This young man has lived so much life already; I asked him “What is the most important life event you have had?” He impressed me as he shared “The national TV show “What’s Real TV”. Little events lead to big events. All the skill sets around authoring got me the platform, only eight years after I got out of school. They were doing an opening of a studio in Akron, Oh. There was a lot more of adult oriented programming. They first rejected me and said “oh, I don’t know” but then came back and said, “yeh, let’s give him a chance”. That’s what usually happens with me. They reject me and then they accept me. I did my rapping and then spoke about my book. It’s on the TCT network. It’s an entertainment variety show geared toward young adults. It has the comedy, the music– the topics that are relevant to the young adult community. Through this experience, people are now accepting my unique brand. They see the diversity of who I am. All the hosts are communicating. It airs every Saturday at 10pm. Total Christian Television (TCT).”

This was a young man on a mission to share his unique brand that God had birthed in his soul. I asked “What message do you want shared by the story of your life?” Lon inspired me with his words “To be true to your unique design. Not letting anybody hinder you from being who you are. Even if you are broke for a while. Eventually people will give an ear to your uniqueness. Our generation expects a respect even when you haven’t yet earned it. That’s not easy. I asked myself what I was doing. But then this came to me. Having a ridiculous work ethic helps too. It’s a hustle and it’s work. That stuff has to be earned.

It was such sage advice for his Y Generation.

I asked him to share “What would you tell others about your relationship with Christ that would inspire them?” He began to teach as he expressed “I have a certain fear and reverence for God. I know when I am doing wrong and when I am doing right. I choose to live to be a person of character. I fear God enough. It’s faith and works, but it’s knowing the importance of doing what’s right. I don’t always do right, but there’s a fear in me to apply the principle that “character is a choice”. Having power is a test of character. You need to have discernment. You know what’s the fruit of the Spirit. You have to be true to the values!”

Lon surprised me when he answered the question “What will they write on your gravestone that will sum up your life?” with simply “A visionary who cares about people!”

A visionary indeed—who is applying his passion to his generation by example!

And making a difference in his world!

I asked Lon “What inspires you?” He became introspective as he answered “Before… my drive was to prove to others my worth and to gain respect from others, from my rejected childhood and all the craziness that went with. Now… it’s just the drive to help others create things, cultivating others so they might have dominion in their areas that God has gifted them.”

I discerned that the Word was a major part of who Lon is, so I asked “What is your theme scripture and why?” He revealed “Perseverance produces character which produces hope (Romans 5:3-5). Even when I was younger, it was all about vision and pursuing your dreams. I am now realizing that perseverance changes when you hit a certain age and when you hit a certain level in your dream career.”

I asked Lon “When you get to heaven, what do you want to hear The Lord say to you?” He humbly answered “Well done my good and faithful servant. That I was able to fight to be loyal to His will.”

This inspirational young man had a message for his contemporaries, so I asked “What would your wake up call to your generation be?” His enthusiasm and passion rose to declare and charge his generation “Work hard, very hard. Having a vision is important. Following through is a big thing. Follow through with what you say and do it. Prepare for long term success– not short term. It includes character and practical as well as spiritual. Do your best to respect others, no matter what walk of life they are in. it’s important to apply to all of your relationships. Be willing to talk to people that can’t get you where you want to be. It does feel good to have people respect you in the right way…because you earned it. It’s good to be in a moment where people respect you for what you stand for. Always have a healthy reverence toward God.”

He went on to share his experience. “How the show happened. I wasn’t seeking to get a TV show at that point. When you are a part of a pioneering process they give you creative opportunity you don’t get once it’s in place. One of the benefits is that you have a lot more freedom and being who you are in the middle of it. There’s only a year or two year gap. Then eventually you have to start doing things the way they tell you to do it. I am so thankful for this opportunity. My unique gift happened to be part of a need they had.”

As we concluded our conversation, I felt in my spirit that I had not heard the last of Lon Jordan. I found him to be a voice to be heard by all generations, not just Generation Y. His insight was heavenly and his passion was palpable—this is a young man who is going places and leaving a lesson plan for every step of the way. He is proving that life is sketched by design—and the Master Designer is Jesus Christ!

I for one am glad that Lon is leading his generation to be unique for God! Together, I am confident that they can change the world and live a life of character!

After all—Character is a Choice!


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