Motivation Monday: What We Learned Just By Getting Out of the Car

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My sister and her husband are the adventurous kind. No feat is too big, no task is too great, no car is too small. This time was no different. They packed up and began a spontaneous cross-country road trip from Florida to California. Their two daughters, who were preteens at the time, were not too excited about this adventure.

After days of endless roads, they pulled up to the Grand Canyon. My sister stood in silence with her husband, in awe of its majestic beauty. Closing her eyes, she breathed the fresh air in, completely enraptured in the moment. The colors, the great expanse, the grandness of it all was almost overwhelming.

“Come and see,” she called to her daughters who had stayed in the car. “It’s the Grand Canyon!”

The youngest looked up and replied, “Boooriiing!

Now a funny story we embarrass her with, this reminds me of how we can be sometimes in this game of life. We miss once-in-a-lifetime moments right in front of us because we want to stay in our comfort zones. There is risk in the unknown. Maybe what is out there is simply not appealing, though you hear the call to just come and see. We don’t realize where one simple step outside of the world we know will take us. So we watch while someone else goes out and enjoys the opportunity.

It’s time to step out of that comfortable car. It’s time to not only hear the voice that’s calling, but also obey it. You might be called to a seemingly huge task. Maybe you will be called to rest. Maybe you’ll be led to leave something, somewhere, someone. It may be difficult, but whatever lies ahead is a beauty you will be completely enraptured in. Trust God the way He leads you. He never fails.


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