Free Printable: 5 Writing Mantras to Live By Everyday

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Most days as a writer are fun. Full of creativity, where imagination and story and folklore are limitless and boundless, and the only thing holding you back is the speed at which your fingers can type.

Other days, however, the process of having to be brilliant, creative and original can be taxing; it can leave you feeling drained, insecure or ready to throw in the towel altogether.

If there’s something we know about writing, it’s that there is no truth to those little voices telling you to quit—and the best way to combat them is to dial in to some truth and plow ahead. Print off this beautiful printable of writing mantras (right-click and save, then print on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper or better yet, card stock) and frame or hang somewhere near your writing desk. Repeat these mantras every day, and forge ahead. You’ve got everything it takes!



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Blair Townley joined the Xulon Press family as a Staff Editor in May 2013, helping first-time authors prepare their treasured manuscripts for publication. Prior to Xulon Press, she previously worked as a staff writer/editor for several Central Florida-based magazines over the past decade. What Blair enjoys most about writing and editing is getting to help others share their stories, helping others see themselves as the unique individuals God created them to be.

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  1. avatar Peggy Hof-Corrigan says:

    Love it, Thank you so much

  2. Awesome! I needed to hear this right now. I’m pulling out my book and finishing it now!
    Thank you.

    • Great, Frances. That is our hope that these mantras motivate you to see your book needs to be finished to be of help to someone else. Keep writing and we look forward to helping you get to the finished product: your own published book! God Bless.

  3. avatar Tom Schuler says:

    I woke up at 4:40am today ready to pitch months of work over board. “I can’t do this,” is about as far as east is from west in my life experience, but there I stood! This is timely encouragement per your mantras.
    Many thanks. Shalom,

    • Thanks Tom for commenting on our mantras to encourage authors. Hopefully as you read these mantras, you will feel inspired to write and know that someone needs to hear what you have to say. Take care and keep writing. God Bless.

  4. avatar Connie Ngware says:

    Great! Now feel more motivated to finish my book. Thank you for your inspiration and be blessed.

    • That is what we like to hear at Xulon Press; writers who are ready to get back in the writing game and finish the book many of us want to read. We look forward to your finished manuscript and hope you work with us to get it published and in the hands of others. God Bless, Connie.

  5. avatar Krisi says:

    Thank you! So helpful I just asked God why II felt so drained and then I pulled up this on your website. Writing has made me come alive in a new way; though, today I was questioning it all.

    • Thank you Krisi for replying back to us about the printable mantras. An experience like this confirms to us that God allows us to help people in their writing journeys and this is one way we have helped another author know he/she needs to write a book. Please keep us updated on how you progress in your writing and we look forward to publishing your book. God Bless.

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