Xulon Press Tips: Marketing Your Book in 5 Steps

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From the Desk of the Xulon Press Marketing Coach

Xulon Press MarketingOnce your book has been released to the public, what now? That is the question most authors face when confronting the daunting task of marketing their Christian book to a worldwide audience. Xulon Press offers marketing tools to help you promote your Christian book, but here are some immediate steps you can begin to take on your own.

Step 1 – Reach Out to Your Church

  • Ask to insert bulletin fliers for your book in the Sunday church bulletin (Be sure to include all purchasing information).
  • Put in a request to show the ChristianBooksTV video trailer for your book before the morning service.
  • Host a book signing after a Sunday morning service. Be sure to have plenty of books on hand and consider offering light refreshments, which aid fellowship and networking.
  • Make sure the key leaders in your church are aware of your book. Those who are most interested, consider giving them a copy. When they come back with rave reviews be sure to give them additional copies to share with friends.
  • Would your book work well as a weekly Sunday school lesson? Offer to teach the class and have participants/class members purchase your book.

Step 2 – Reach Out to Churches and Ministry Leaders in Your Community

  • Be sure 10 influential pastors in your area get a signed copy of your book with your press release – and let them know you are available for book signings.
  • Make sure other Christian leaders in your community are aware of your book.

Step 3 – Reach Out to Local Bookstores

  • Mail a postcard to area bookstores. Include a short note about your book and yourself.
  • Follow up with a phone call 5 days after you mail the postcard. Keep the phone call short; simply share that you are a local author and would like to stop by, introduce yourself and discuss the possibility of a book signing. Maybe even offer to bring coffee along. Make sure to be on time and do not extend your meeting past the time agreed upon. Don’t forget to give the buyer a review copy of your book along with your matching business card, press release, and if possible, a copy of your video trailer on DVD.

Note: Make sure the bookstore knows your book is distributed by Ingram (secular stores), Spring Arbor (Christian stores) and if your book has return service. Most bookstores have policies that do not allow them to carry a book in stores unless the book is returnable to the distributor.

Step 4 – Reach Out to Local Media

  • Initiate communication with local newspapers in regards to your book. Having a press release prepared in advance is a great tool when dealing with the media.
  • Contact small weekly publications and local magazines.
  • Reach out to local Christian newsletters.
  • Get in touch with local Christian radio stations as well as talk radio stations.

Step 5 – Build National and Global Outreach

  • Extend past your local community to national Christian publications.
  • Market your book to bookstores and libraries across the United States.

Please note: linked items are Xulon Press marketing products that are available for purchase. These items may or may not be contained in your publishing package. Please refer to your Author Center to review your specific package. Any item may be purchased and added to your account. Custom Marketing Proposals are available for any budget!

Final Thought

  • It is very important to have a plan as well as goals to successfully market your book. Without them, you will not know exactly how well you are doing.

If you need any additional information about available marketing opportunities, please contact Xulon Press’ Marketing Coach, Terry Haines, to discuss these successful products and strategies. He can be reached toll free at 1.855.519.1660. International callers please call 407.949.3054.


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Terry’s background includes the roles of Account Executive for Standard Publishing, General Manager for the 3rd largest Christian Store in the USA, and former Executive Pastor. He is currently working on a marketing book and children’s book, both to be published through Xulon Press over the next year.

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  1. avatar June O'Donal says:

    In addition to the great advice in your blog, I would like to add another suggestion. I am the author of The Fryeburg Chronicles, a series of “family-friendly” (code word for Christian) educational historical novels taking place in Fryeburg, ME. Maine does not have mega churches of large, Christian books stores, I have developed power point presentations of several topics. The first is on how I did the historical research which I present to public libraries, historical societies and other local civic organizations. My second power point is on “Plants that impacted New England History” which I will be presenting for local garden clubs. I working on the third “Faith and Religion in New England History” which I will offer to local churches – most of them who would not label themselves to be Evangelical. As a retired homeschool mom, I sell books at Homeschool events. Many moms have “discovered” my books to be part of their curriculum for American History and Maine State Studies. I have been asked to speak at various homeschool support groups and to sell me books. My Face Book page has educational posts on various aspects of American History. In liberal New England, I have marketed myself as a Maine author who weaves Biblical truths into well researched historical fiction. My youngest reader is 9 and my oldest readers are in their 80’s. My readers live as close as down the street and as far away as Dubai and Nepal. I am not getting rich, but I am introducing my readers to a God who loves us and has a plan for us. The first 2 in the series has been published. I just finished the rough draft of Book 3 and have outlines for Books 4 and 5. I can’t afford to purchase the big ads for several hundreds of dollars so I have had to depend upon the Lord to show me how to advertise my books for free.

  2. avatar wooman watching sanders says:

    I am like Ms. O’Donal, seldom out of the house, at 75 I am very limited and find this overwhelming, I have another book ready but must save, save, save to make the payment. I love to write, but thanks for couple hints concerning local newspapers. Thanks.

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