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When writing a book, the goal is to make it something both you and others will enjoy reading. To produce the most favorable outcome start by figuring out...

A trope is any word used in a figurative sense or a reoccurring theme or device in a work of literature. There’s a book writing strategy that involves picking a trending book genre, studying the tropes of the books currently selling, and then writing a book that fits the tropes discovered.

While many writers might be reluctant to embrace this concept, you’ll find when you change your perspective on it, it will be empowering rather than limiting.

The Market

As an artist, some writers might read “write to market” and feel as though they’re being told to copy instead of create. This might come from a misconception about the nature of the “market.” 

In reality, the market is your readers. It’s just the word we use for people that buy books. So asking the question, “What does the market want?” is simply asking, “What do people enjoy reading?” Understanding what people enjoy should result in writing a book they will like.

You don’t want to ignore readers, but you also don’t want to make writing not fun anymore. The goal is to make books you and others will enjoy reading. What would produce the most favorable outcome is figuring out what they like, investing time in understanding what you like, and then writing something that meets all of the expectations. If you can find passion in writing things your readers will enjoy, you’ll find success. 


Another common misconception involves innovation. Innovators need to speak the same language as the people they are innovating for. If they don’t, their innovation won’t matter because no one will understand it.

Understanding genre and tropes are like learning the language of your readers. It is important to innovate within their language.

So you see, when you shift your perspective about writing to market, you can change your approach so that you are writing for your readers in a language they will understand and enjoy, while also not losing your unique voice.

Writing Practice 

Think of someone you know personally and think about what that person would enjoy reading. Time yourself for 30 minutes and write a story in a format and style the person you chose will relate to. Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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