5 Twitter Hashtags Every Writer Is Using Right Now

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If you haven’t hopped on Twitter yet, you are seriously missing out on some wonderful connections in the online writing community. The key to successfully benefitting from Twitter is engagement, and hashtags make finding your tribe even easier—if you know where to look! Here are five trending hashtags to help you get inspired, find writing tips, and connect with readers and other authors.

1.) #WritingTip or #Writetip

This is pretty self-explanatory, but there are some real gems under this tag. Writers are using this to share everything from inspirational quotes to practical advice about evolving and refining their craft.

2.) Hashtag Your Genre

Don’t forget to hashtag your genre to stay with current trends, topics, and connect with those who love to read the same books you do. There is something for everyone, including #ChristianBooks, #SciFiChat, #MemoirChat, and #YA (young adult).

3.) #WritingParty

Writers are using this hashtag to talk about all kinds of industry issues and to share their own current projects. This is a great one to follow to find general advice, updates on works in progress, and questions about common concerns.

4.) #MustRead

Obviously, writers are using this hashtag because it leads you straight to what other people are reading. You’ll discover what kinds of classics are trending, and how other people are promoting their own new work.

5.) #ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers)

If you’re a Christian fiction writer, this is your jam. Use it to see what other Christian fiction authors are up to and the current trends and concerns. This hashtag is used to give encouragement, pose meaningful questions, and build a network of support among authors.

These five hashtags will give you a great place to start using Twitter to its fullest potential. Writing is often a solitary craft, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of online writing communities and all they have to offer. Start using these hastags and start connecting with the authors and readers around you!


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  1. I appreciate sooooo much your information BUT I am not a good one to use this great “Techie” info. I am a Sr. Citizen who has not gotten into the world of FaceBook, Twitter, Blog, etc. etc., for I am truly no “Techie” though I like what I can do and do (email, googleing, making my own cards). I do wish I knew how to do this YET it seems to take a lot of time which is already very full. BUT please keep the info coming as maybe I can change my mind when I get a little help to learn more about how to do it.

  2. avatar Yvonne "Cooky" Tavares says:

    #WhispersinMySoul To be released soon by Xulon Press

  3. I am a writer and I have published my first book this year. The problem with me and twitter and hashtag is I haven’t used either yet and will need to learn. I am very interested with staying abreast and evolved as much as possible and would love to use twitter and hashtag, but haven’t a clue how or what to do. Is there a learning course that you can recommend. Thank you?

  4. Twitter is a great place for the writing community. Hashtags are essential but you never want to go overboard. Too many hashtags in a post can be distracting.

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