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Twitter is a great way to show your knowledge and share information about your works in progress. Here are examples of post ideas...

Twitter is a microblogging social media platform that allows you to publish short posts, up to 280 characters long, called tweets. Tweets can include images and links to websites. You can follow other accounts (the equivalent of friending someone on Facebook) to see their tweets in your timeline. You can even retweet (the equivalent of sharing someone’s post on Facebook) others’ tweets on your page.

Twitter is a great way to show your knowledge and share information about your works in progress. It’s the perfect platform to offer commentaries on recent books, blogs, scripts, etc.

Additionally, Twitter provides a fast-paced platform for you to pitch your writing. By limiting the number of characters that can be typed, the social media platform encourages the elevator pitch format: get your point out and bring in followers–that simple.

Growing Your Twitter

There are thousands of writers who are active on Twitter and want to help support each other’s work. Follow their accounts, like, and retweet their posts–many of them will return the favor.

While it is important to promote your work, you also need to provide value to the people following you–no one wants to see ad-like tweets self-promoting on their timeline every day.

Here are examples of post ideas:

  • Behind-the-scenes of your writing process
  • What books you’re currently reading
  • Writing tips
  • Your favorite quotes (from authors you love or from your own book!)
  • Topics you’re passionate about
  • Take advantage of the poll feature to ask your readers questions.

The main objectives in using Twitter should be to connect with other writers, market your work, and expand and connect with your audience.

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