Why Every Author Should Have A Blog

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We get this question a lot: why should authors care about blogging? The answer: there are literally too many reasons to list in one article.

If you are an author, blogging is your friend. In fact, you should make it your best friend. I cannot stress enough how helpful it is for building your audience and your platform, and these days, it’s so easy to start a blog! Want more info? We’ll be following up with two more articles about blogging (be sure to subscribe at the top right corner of this page to get the articles straight to your inbox), but to start, I present the top ten reasons authors should also be bloggers.

  1. It helps you find your people. You need to identify the target audience for your book. If you’re blogging on your subject matter, you don’t have to look any further than your blog audience. Who are they? Men, women, millenials? They’re the ones who will buy your book.
  2. It opens the lines of communication. If someone buys your book, they’ll take it home and read it…once. That’s where your opportunity to inspire and influence them stops. If, however, they take home your book, read it, and then follow your blog,  you have an open line of communication to keep talking to them.
  3. It helps you hone your craft. The only way to get better at writing is by doing more of it. Plain and simple.
  4. It provides legitimacy. These days, it’s so easy to set up a professional-looking blog—and its mere existence already makes you look established and professional to media outlets and potential readers.
  5. A blog can serve as your PR Agent. Landed an interview with a local media outlet? Got an upcoming event? Share it there. Your blog can also house a “contact me” form so that people can reach you easily.
  6. It provides a place to collaborate. Wanting to expand your audience? Interview other influencers on your blog, or invite them to guest-post. They will then share that post with their audience, leading to…more subscribers on your blog, and hopefully more readers of your book.
  7. It’s introvert-friendly. Don’t love public speaking? Blogging still gives you a platform, from the safety of your living room.
  8. It’s the perfect testing ground. Whether it’s your first book, or you’re testing a second book on your already established audience, a blog is a great place to see how they respond to your topic before you go through the process of setting up a publishing deal.
  9. It’s your own personal online bookstore. Have physical copies of your book at your house that you need to sell? Add an online shop component to your blog, and let readers purchase books directly from you!
  10. It’s doable. Most blog posts are between 300-1000 words. Far less daunting than writing a book. You can do this!

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Brittnee Newman, Marketing & Communications Strategist for Xulon Press, has been a blogger, freelance journalist and editor for just over half a decade. She joined Xulon Press as an editor in 2012, and now supports the company within the Marketing Department. Follow her on Twitter at @XulonBrittnee.

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  1. avatar Vonda says:

    I love this article on blogging! Blogging is one of my all time favorites. It is something I’ve been doing for 2 1/2 years. I started by emailing a variety of people first. That started as early as 2010. The Lord has awakened this dream for a purpose – to tell of Him. Thank you for sharing!! God bless you!

  2. avatar Glenn David Gardiner says:

    Could I blog just on one chapter in my book to get people to know the main thing that they might need to know if things keep heading in the direction that they are headed, and the direction that prophecy says they are going to head?

    • Glenn, that’s a great idea! What might work even better is choosing a few small chunks and turning them into a series of blog posts; simply put, the more posts you have, the more discoverable you are.

      If you do that, I’d also recommend adding the link to where readers can purchase your book at the bottom of the post, with text that says something like “Would you like to find out more? Purchase the book by clicking here!” Take as much work out of the purchasing process as you possibly can. Hope that helps!

      • avatar Lisa Jones says:

        How would you do this with a devotional? I’m writing a daily devotional (366 days) that really COULD be a blog a day. But the Lord told me to write a book! How do I use portions of the devotional when it could be a blog itself. The devotional is helping people manage money and emotions as they walk the journey of debt reduction.

        I haven’t set up the blog yet. That will happen in the next few months.

        • Hi Lisa! One of my favorite authors, Shauna Neiquist, did exactly this last year. She published a 365-day devotional, but occasionally throughout the writing process she took an entry (each day’s entry is about 1/2 page long), teased it out to make it a little bit longer, and published it on her blog. When I bought the book, most of the devotional entries were brand new to me but a few were familiar. Because myself and a few other Xuloners had been reading her blog the writing process, we knew we’d love the book–we actually went to the bookstore the DAY the book was released and each bought a copy!

  3. avatar David Brown says:

    Hi Brittnee!

    How do I set up a blog for my book, Spirit Soundings? Bethany Emerson is my marketing representative but I thought I would ask you since I just read your article.

    David Reid Brown

    • Hi David! We don’t currently offer blog setup services through Xulon Press, but I’d recommend using Blogger or WordPress.com. It’s free (unless you choose to purchase a custom domain name, in which case it’s not free but it’s still cheap). I use WordPress for both my personal blogs and our Xulon Press blog. There are lots of options out there, but those two sites are the most commonly used. Happy blogging!

  4. avatar Brenda Walters says:

    Great idea! How do I get started. I’m a first time author, my book has not been published yet. I need to get the word out now. Please send help. Thanks

  5. avatar Lila Senter says:

    Very interesting & this Sr. Citizen with her 1st book & am no Techie finds “Blog & Tweet” a mystery BUT do thank you sooo much for the info that may help me. Appreciate Xulon’s help & information with my little book, The GIFT

  6. avatar Kerry Lindberg says:

    This is awesome! I was just told to start a blog and now with this in my email it is confirmation that I should. May God receive the glory. Thank you for this insight and information. God bless you!

  7. avatar Lucy Lora says:

    hi Brittnee
    i gess you just awnser my question about Blogging.

  8. Great piece there. My very good friend was the first person introduce me to blogging. I just started this year. O it has been a great experience. What you said is very true Brittnee. God bless you

  9. avatar brandi gant says:

    This is right on time and a blessing, funny how God speaks.

  10. avatar Cheryl Gesing says:

    I am one of your authors and I will start my blog tomorrow. This was very helpful!

  11. avatar sonya shimbura says:

    Hi. How do I start a blog? I’m a would be author and I want this book to land with a BANG!

  12. avatar Gershom Jere says:

    is it about blogging? then I need to get started. Help me with info on how to create a blog.

  13. I have a blog on my website and I promote it on my Facebook page, but I have very few readers. How else can I promote it? my book will be published in about six weeks.


    • Hi Robert! You might want to look into 1) guest posting on other blogs and website similar to yours, and 2) you may want to look into adding a program or hiring someone to help you with SEO (search engine optimization). These programs and services basically just make it easier for someone to find you if they’re searching for material like yours on Google, Bing, etc.

  14. avatar Rebecca says:

    All the while I thought that you need to have a website to blog. How will WordPress.com release or publish your blogs? However, it seems that having a website with blogs would appear more professional than having blogs anywhere else. Am I right? Also, how can Xulon or you help us have our own website? any guide? Thanks so much.

    • Your blog posts won’t actually be published on a website called WordPress.com or Blogger.com, you’ll just create an account through them that will be your own personal blog site! You can purchase a domain (say, RebeccasGreatBook.com) and either use it with Blogger for free or through WordPress for a yearly fee. Readers will be visiting your “website.” For instance, even though you’re at xulonpressblog.com right now, this is a WordPress site.

      At this point, we are not offering author websites or blogs, but if that changes we will definitely announce it through emails and social media.

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